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What's your youtube channel?

Thanks for the comic(s)!
Oh goodness, I'm sorry to hear that you got broken into, everyone ok?
@Feanix: Yeah I'm clueless on the Roman Numerals thus far.

1012, 621 (9?). *Shrugs*
Well, that was easy. Good job Jason!
@RazorD9: I think it's a bit both personally.
Awww, Candy really does care about Runt. That or she's jealous...or both.
I vote just keep updating Magipunk when you can, but if you put out random comics I won't complain.

In other words, I'm easy to please.
Nice easter egg sir!

Why is HK talking to a severed head though?
Happy Birthday!
I'm beginning to wonder if Melissa is either soft spoken, speaks through minds telepathically (think Protoss), and/or Candy just likes to hear herself talk.
Get feeling better sir, we'll be here eagerly awaiting.

I wonder if Melissa is regretting her decision now.
Good enough? I guess with her current crew, she can't be too choosy.
Take your time, post when you can, we'll be here eagerly awaiting, but we understand (well I do anyway,) that life happens.

Good luck though and thanks for the comic!
Try scratching him behind the ears he-


...rub his tummy?
Take your time sir, family/friend time is important too. Thanks for the comic.
Were Candy and Runt on a date? They both look very nice.
Teach'em young... Hope the poor child remembered to hit the eject button.
Sorry I didn't get to you sooner Jason! My apologies...

Looking forward to more antics!
Well that answers my question! Thanks Runt!

Hey Jason! What did you do prior to piloting this fine vessel?
And that is the last we'll see of Runt...
To Runt: Where did you get that spoon?

To Candy: Do you use anything besides flammable liquid inside of your flamethrower arm?