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My name is Donovon adams. Creator of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Web comic "Team Lightning" Its just a little comic im doing to help with story making without having to worry about thieves and cause i love pokemon.

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ANd the Thing is.. They have nothing to use their money for.. XD Im so glad you got to fight them
Tropic Thunder Lol
What Do you mean YOU people

Oh come on... SOme one had to say it XD
THe WOrld of Pokemon moves is a scary one :D
Yeah if there was a friendly Fire option, my pal would be died so hard XD

DONT CALL ME OUT! XD no joking :3
I love how i sound like the emo bad guy loner now XD

Very Valid Points :3
Honestly I preferred that on PMD1, you could change your main character and go around town alone. But on PMD2, After all that work, your partner still clings and trolls behind you. And i'm like: Dont you have other things to do besides watching my butt all day?
Yesh That and Earth Power :D
Monster Houses are always fun :D
Wow.. I never thought of it like that.. OH NO.. CHATOT X WIGGLY PICS!! THEY ARE COMING! I KNOW IT! HIDE! DX
Wow Another One
I have 2 more im just pacing myself ;3

I wanna fight Team ACT. Im sure everyone wants to. They Never seemed so great to me. I wish there was an event battle.
When they caught up to you, i was like yes! Got me Seperated from my Partner? Only Me and Alakazam?! YES!! Ninetails saves us......... BOOOOOO DX

And yes Someone did mention its impossible to get a girl machop on the game.. Oh well :Z
Could Be! YAYYY XD
I always imagined a DVD player and you the TM in the Movie Player and They watch it and Learn it instantly. But that woulndt explain why u can only use them once
When Your acused of causing theupset balance of the world?

Lol. This would be a funnier explanation of your "......." Answer to if you were the human from the legend.

I dont know if Squirtles more stupid for not payin attention or for admitting he wasnt listening
Some how Mudkipz snuck into the Scene
That is the Funniest Trap Ever. Max 1337 FTW
Its Funny Cause My Toltodile Using Attract is How i won all the Legendary Battles. THANK YOU SEXY JUTSU


Joy is a miracle worker
Oh man Ace.. You really got post all those comics back up again :3 Good Luck With that.