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I'm blunt, have little patince, can't spell and dosen't put up with bullshit.
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May 11th, 2017
Crappy ending
The ending itself wasn't bad on it's own but it came out of nowhere. So what, we never get to find out our leads back stories or see them get together. Coming from someone whose been following this comic since the early chapters, I can't help but be disappointed and a little annoyed.
Hey, my last name is mcmillan!
No prob.
Not a big deal. I had other comics to keep me entertained. Just give us a notice that your busy before you disappear for a few months.
You know you could have just said you were in a bad mood or had other plans......idiot. You made the munkin sad so now I have to kill you. Which would you prefere. Chainsaw or BIG DAGGER.