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I am the webcomic creator behind Catboy at the con. I hope you all enjoy my comic. ^_^

I live in Washington state and try to keep everything up to date on my strips...
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    Kenneth Siefring
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@Draven22: Toddy has played the Fallout Shelter game. However he has seen some of the lets plays... without his dad knowing.
A little flashback to four hours earlier....
No just got through some depression and feeling better.
Filler Steampunk Mousey
I am sorry for taking so long. 2016 has been a really bad year so far. Family issues and issues with keeping a balanced mind has kept me from really finishing the comics for Catboy at the Con. Currently I am getting over a case of Pneumonia... I am hoping that April will be a new start for me. I am still working on the comic. Please remember I am still working. Just life has torn me up a bit. Sorry.
@Draven22: Not dressed as anyone... granted the colors were chosen because she likes DBZ
@Draven22: Yes. That is Toddy. In their world there are several types of Feline people... People like Toddy have fur covering their bodies but it is very fine along their skin minus the tops of the feet, tail and head. People like Hours are furry all over and deal with Summer in their own way.
Nikki Beach...
And Nikki is the last of the main four ladies of Summer... who should be next?
I mostly just practiced but also looked at other styles. I read tons of Manga and tried to soak up how the lines melded with the rest of the scene. I have been drawing since I was 10 and been working on comics since I was 15. I have been trying to make something that people enjoy. But if you are thinking of making webcomics sometimes it is not how you draw but how you draw and what message you are trying to get around to people.
@Draven22: Hours wouldn't be Hours if he didn't. Besides he has never been an uncle before.
@Draven22: Trades is trying to be a good dad and Toddy is happy to be with his dad. It is good that he has Hours and the rest with him too... a big family to help them all out.
@Draven22: Honestly I debated it for a while on if I should or should not kill Jedda. In the end it happened and I felt bad for it.
Please Stand By....
I am currently working on new pages for the main website ( ) as well as getting the comic up to date with the storyline. I will get the comic back on track for next Monday but the changes to the website will be coming soon after. Thank you all for your time.
Beach Nikki
Went on a little vacation this past weekend. Nikki enjoyed the change of scenery!
The Talk... 2
Trades tries to do the talk with Toddy...
Happy Mother's Day 2015
To all of those out there that take care of us and keep us safe at night... Happy Mother's Day!
Flashback Sandy... 4
Sandy's secret is exposed.....
Flashback Sandy... 3
Sandy talks more about her past... and a secret...
Flashback Sandy... 2
Sandy continues to tell the tale of her and Trades.
Punk Nikki
One thing I hate about the meds they gave me ( other than the nausea, dizzyness, and shortness of breath) is that it makes my mind blank and I am unable to think of anything for the comic.
Hopefully I will be fit by next week but until then I hope you all enjoy the filler..
Busted Back Blues....
Was working around the house before I got to the comic. Ended up pulling some muscles in my back... been horizontal most of the day... with pain pills do I get the opportunity to sit up.
Wednesday we will be back... sorry for the filler...