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Writing a script for my Nuzlocke. o/
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hi yeah we never updated but we did


next one comes whenever

>Was going to flip a table at Sasha not caring that Patty and Jon died

>Amanda saved the day. Thank you Amanda
Page 2
Ah! Here it is! Yay, finally. Next update should be the 11th of June. c:

Thank you for 5 fans, by the way!! That's amazing since (technically) we only have one actual comic page.

you know it's bad when you get roasted by a PokeDex. Step up your game, Cheren.
oh mah lord

thats it i cant
that is the cutest thing ever omg

oh my goood noo ;A;
//screeches into the unknown

oh my lord patty no ;A;
This is the first page of What It Means! The comic will be updated (hopefully, unless we're stupid) bi-weekly.

E n j o y!
Awh she's a spunky cutie
Nuzlocke Start!
Well, here's the cover. Exciting, isn't it? Sure as hell hope so. I'm looking forwards to this. c:
This is super cute but I can't help to think that someone is going to accidentally die here or something.

10/10 voice would listen to her all day every day
But Plot talking is always fun!
I'm so pumped to see the reveal of Trash king and the Trash lord tbh
Me and my friend are starting a Nuzlocke comic soon as well--congratulations on completing Chapter 1!

I hope you do amazing on the rest of the pages as well at this one! Goodluck!
I'm not who to ship. Cheren x Bianca? Cheren x Hilda? Hilda x Cheren x Bianca?
I ship Avis and Rodney already omfg
@Axies: Obviously Clay xD
I got really excited because I thought there were going to be Guys and Dolls references but even though there wasn't this was so awesome ;w;

Be careful Jojo D: