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The funny part about this is i'm prettty sure I had the same conversation at this age.
@TimeSceo: Gun, the legendary pokemon with 999 points in atk :(
@DoctorGlasgow: Don't crush his hopes and dreams~
Oh, she showed up in an anime costume. Could this be love at first sight?
@Vash_ts: This actually seems like the perfect reply, but it may lead into something bad.
@rave917: I thought the same thing based on the character's appearance, not that i don't mind shipping two boys. :3
Now atty, give Rat the love it deserves <3
pretty sure it's just simply when you lose health the moment you step out of spawn, when you're squishy so you go back in to heal.
I really wanted tracer skin because i'm from UK, but I ended up getting genji's skin only. I-Is this because i'm a weeaboo. Is this my fate?
I'm guessing they were the ones who actually killed the amp, but the zoroark turned into him after his demise, they are surprised by the fact the amp is still alive.
I just thought he was a psycho, seems like he is a serial murderer. Surprised no one checked into him that deeply, even with how odd the group that hangs around Izzy is.
What a pretty magmar.
@Guest: DT's flame could just be bigger from getting stronger, it could've went on it's on training spree.
@Takai: She'll probably somehow manage to get both of them, hitmonchan and hitmonlee.
Somehow... reminds me of catbug.
Life lessons.
That youngster has the eyes of a deranged person.
I love the detail you put into things such as the sunset skies. It's absolutely lovely.
I feel sad that my pc is probably bigger. At least george cares about if they're feeling lonely.