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I like Survivor.
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Lake better get his boring ass booted by Brandi. Let's gooo.
Woo. Go Taro. Good for you Fatso.
Honestly I just really wanted to see more of Ky and Marisuke. Marisuke is forever. Marisuke is love. Marisuke is everything. Ok enough Marisuke perfection.

20. Cordelia - Vile bitch. Never want to see her again. She was annoying af and the lying game BS she played was just awful to watch.
19. Cha'Telle - I don't really hate him, but I also don't really give a fuck about him. Glad he was first boot so I didn't have to deal with his OTTN shit.
18. Luna - Boring. Ew. She had no personality whatsoever and she was just dull. Too gamebotty and just unpleasant.
17. Shaega - Boo, you whore! He sucked. Wish his story wasn't so lopsided, he was a failure of a villain and he wasn't the least bit interesting. He should go and join the idol who he threw at the firepit.
16. Juli - Who? I feel neutral about her, but she was eh. Irrelevant and just annoying.
15. Tamara - Ew. You were annoying. Irrelevant fat bitch. Nice try playing the villain card but you ain't some strategic goddess boo.
14. Lea - Irrelevant bae. The ditto form was cute though.
14. Dustin - He made IC comics unbearable and he was just all around kinda meh. I rooted for him at the start but he just got old real quick. Good FTC loser.
13. Gekkota - Her boot was amazing. Gamebotty but I really liked her when she kicked the shit out of Cordelia.
12. Freddy - Irrelevant but he was nice enough and pleasant plus I really liked him.
11. Billy - Cute. His Xeradonut lovestory was just A+ amazing. I loved it.
10. Sylvia - Redhead bitch. Was a big fan of hers early game but I don't really give a fuck about her, but I'll rank her here 'cuz she was good premerge.
9. Xeradonus - Amazing. I loved every single moment he was included. His two episode arc was perfect. No doubt would rank higher if he made it more far.
8. Leah - Boring. Out of focus. Loved the irony though.
7. Taro - He was an okay winner. His gameplay was eh yes but still he had a perfect game! Tanooki be like winning, yeah.
6. Zach - Boring but I loved him! He had this growth arc that was amazing and I really totally pegged he would won but I guess not.
5. Brandi - Loved this bitch right here. She was an amazing strategist. I was a hater but you know what? Fuck me, that was some BS judgement. I value her and imo she may be the cancer but she was just amazing that you should get past that.
Get fucked Shayga. No one's gonna cry about your "sob" story redeem bullshit.

Dustin, ugh. I really feel annoyed everytime I have to see and read you. Get lost.

Taro, yes. Beat them please. Please let the FIC be a sushi-making competition so Taro can be done with this! 9-0 baby!

Also, throwback to Lea and Leah being tricked by Taro to build the shack. Good times.
Dustin F-U-C-K-I-N-G sucks. I hate everything about him. He can go die. The fact that he is now in this bullshit power position makes me barf. Fuck you blonde piece of shit.

Can we just have Sylvia and Shaega both go home because for one Shaega will be cheating and Sylvia will lose so.. I think that's fair then we crown Taro as the great well deserved winner of this season. Oh and unanimous.

Middle fingers to Dustin, Sylvia and Shaega.

Dustin I really hate you. I loathe you. I loathe you and Shayga. You guys are the worst. Fuck you.
Oh my god yes yes yes!!

Already reaching the subway Taro hype train choo choo!!

In all seriousness, fuck yeah. Sylvia, you ain't winning boo boo. Shayga, please die. Dustin, you dumb as hell, I feel pity, mhm not really.

To quote the amazing goddess of blazing speed Crystal Cox. Forget you! Go home! Goodbye!

You fuck with Taro, you are dead.
Side Comments for the past 16 eliminated players~~~
(not in order)

Marie - A queen. She ain't a princess, she's a queen. Her loyal playthrough and stucking by her morals is very fascinating and I hope we see this redhead goddess again.

Ky-bae - A wonderful majestic bird. He was everything. He was goals. His positivity makes me happy. He was a delight and I don't even care that I'm treating him as some Ventious 'cuz he's just the best. Player of the season hands down~

Cha'Telle - Bitch u cray cray.

Freddie - Wish you stuck out longer. I loved your presence but then I don't really mind.

Gekkota - Thanks for beating the roo that one day. You were a love-hate character but I'm glad you are the merge boot. Kinda gamebot, kinda boring, half of the times fun. So that's that.

Lea - Your ditto form was cute. Love ya.

Leah - Yeah, I don't like you. You were out of focus once hubby Zach and sister Lea was ousted. Not much to say, but damn that was a good rock betrayal. Oh and duh Sylvia's supporting character.

Daisuke - I love you. Wish you made the merge and I really really really wished you didn't friendzone Queen Marie. Nice character, good presence, and a whole lot of heart.

Cordelia - Bitch fuck you. Please die.

Billy - Cute, but irrelevant.

Xeradonus - Love you. Wish you stayed longer, you were the GOAT of the pre-merge and you clearly did a lot more shit than these other people. (thanks to Paranoia) Your OTTN antics was gold and damn that font. LOVE IT~

Brandi - Love you. A+ villain done right. I'm very sorry for hating you when clearly I loved you. You were a big part of this season and I applaud you. *claps*

Tamara - Fat ghetto bitch.

Juli - You were irrelevant and pretty forgettable. Wish you made it far though.

Zach - Ok, boring but fun at times. Love-hate relationship. Thank you for bitching out Shayfuckga.
*laughs maniacally*



Taro, I applaud you. You make me proud, go avenge Ky more. ;)

Taro's CPN glorious edit is coming forth! Hop on the Taro hype train. :3
@TrollDoll: Mikayla ain't winning though. She's too bitchy. Douzten and Saliva are annoying dumbos. So Tato will win.
I'm literally crying right now. FML.

Ky-bae, I love you. Wish we had a Ponderosa comic so I can still see you. Kisses. :*

Taro, congrats fat tanooki. Kinda interesting that Taro was speculated to be this villain then he will actually win.

1. Taro

That shade Ky gave to Shaefuckga though. Loveee it~~
@ChronoAlone: Brandi was good, really good. Love her <3

I wish we actually got the Marisuke pairing love story/friendzone whatever to actually play out a lot longer. Instead we got this two episode arc.

Sylvia is annoying as fuck. I started the season totally hyping that bitch and now we got this fat hungry stupid ugh.

I defo agree that the season went downhill once the Marie/Brandi story was finished.
@coolkyledude: LMFAO. Stop acting like you are the victim.

Ain't nobody but you wants Dustin to win so you can go and hide your thoughts in that brain of yours.

Oh yes Ky is OTT. Ker says hi.
Oh yes Taro is UTR. Cherman says hi.

Learn edgic. Dustin s u c k s.
He's not a contender to win and never will.

Here let me repeat blonde fetish dude.


How is Ky winning NOT satisfying?
Call me Kyrochi Razie superfan but my opinions are legit. Mary of the comment section, biatch.
Ugh. Ofc Shaega is safe and I have to deal with him for the rest of the finale ugh.

Sylvia please go home. Ky-bae and Taro must live another day!

Dustin, whatever. Fuck you
@I_Like_Blondes: Delusional
@coolkyledude: Oh, how about that "big move" Dustin keeps talking about?
@Joey the Badass Wheeler: I liked Dustin a while ago but his dumb blonde persona is just overused and tiring now.
@Joey the Badass Wheeler: Okay, I can support you on that.
@coolkyledude: You suck. Xeradonus' Paranoia spirit made Shaefuckga what he is today. Learn that. If it weren't for Xera, Shaega would still probably be a stone cold heartless annoying douche.
@coolkyledude: AND THAT'S THE FUCKING PROBLEM. Shaega is not a villain, he's an unfunny troll joke.

Xeradonus is a good A+ example of a villain not your fucking shaman.

Dustin is not a villain no. He's just a tired unfunny joke. He sucks. He's the dumbed down version of Ky and Daisuke combined.
@I_Like_Blondes: Apparently you just watch and read Survivor for the blondes and the bikini babes.
@spinfur: Back off cat. It's a free world, I can fucking say what I want to say.

Have fun fucking with a vile creature who won't even care a single bit about you.

Shaega and Dustin = fucktards

You are meant to hate villains not fall in love with them and go to the bedroom with them. *rolleyes*