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I like spriting and drawing and stuff. And I am quite awesome :3

I am a fan of many things. This includes Pokemon, Lego, Marvel and various other franchises. If you want to talk about anything over PM's then feel free! I am happy to talk about anything I like.
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There is a way all of the comic authors can plan. It’s called the Discord Sever.
And... Are you actually an author of the comic at all?
@Numine: We should do it via PMs.
You make the Discord group, and then PM all the authors the Invite Link.

OR... If you're not sure how to do that, I could do it for you. I do have CC and Builder as friends on Discord anyway, so I won't have to PM those two
And now Kibble...

Falls in?

Smashes stuff as he lands?


He's meeting everyone in one page, technically, while also (maybe) getting them to go to the Base to see what happened.

Now to PM all the authors here to give them my sprites...

Actually, do any of you guys (Apart from CC and Builder, I know they do) have a Discord account? If you do, and we make a server on there, we can talk about what's gonna happen, and we can plan stuff and share sprites, plus it's convenient.
What bio?
There are only three bios in the Character page so far unless it’s been updated recently
@BestBuilder101: What Edward should have mentioned is that he hasn't actually killed anyone in a while.
But he's probably a bit impulsive so, eh. Whatever.
We can only presume Edward lives on the roof and never actually goes to his room at all.
Though he probably uses it to spy on people who aren't in the House, so... Yeah.

Also, he happens to be the first person at the House that Matthew meets... Which could either be a good or bad thing.

And now I will descend into the realm of not posting again for a while, maybe.
@Smiffy SMF <3: I know, but someone has to bring the feels sometimes...

Why is that the main thing I'm doing here?
He might when he finally wakes up.
Or maybe Rune'll be there and they end up both being sad.
"Your cat’s funk can be triggered by anything from a change in food or kitty litter to a death in the household. It doesn’t matter whether the death in question is human or feline"

Reminding people that Rune's first actual friend died and a page about Cat Depression.
She's probably hiding her feelings well, though, since she's not really been alone until now, and she's probably gonna become friends with this Moses to try and help get over it.

Plus there's been a lot of fun in the last few pages, and sometimes we need to take some time to remember those we care about.
They're talking, I guess.
And walking.

And I guess everyone will be friends for seemingly no reason now.
Manchester is all the way over in England. Or Britain. Or the UK. Whatever you want to call the country.
That's a pretty sweet map.

Also, I recognise Donkey Kong, but that's it. I'm not sure about the other two games.

But there ARE now other places we know exist. That are quite close by to the house.
Oh yeah, this will be fun!
I can't wait to see what they do next.
@LightBlueBlaze: But the "Cat", or Rune as her name actually is, wouldn't swear at all.
"Heck" is OK, but she'll never use any actual swear words. Mainly because they don't exist where she's from, but also because she's never that rude.
This is a kinda confusing fight scene, but I like the effects a lot.

And I liked the panel with the characters and the different coloured triangle backgrounds for each of them.
But SMF is the only one driving that orange car.

And people seem to keep forgetting that Rune exists in the car as well.
Oh boy, I'm at the most recent page already?
Damn. I wanted to see what the school was like.

Also, that Snivy is so adorable, I want to hug her.
And Starsong. Starsong is adorable as well.

Despite things being all over the place sometimes, I do think it's a good thing because you're able to reveal certain plot points that could easily be seen as something to just pass off, but then later on they can be shown to be more important than people originally thought.

And the characters look really good, even the human.
Aside from the feet, which aren't the best sometimes, but I think you knew that.
And, well, practice makes perfect! :D
Wowzer, the art style for this is really cute!

And, well, I actually do like how you are kinda thrown into the start of the story AFTER the character is turned into a Pokemon, rather than before like most people do.
It brings up questions about what sort of person Max was when she was a human, which I think is good for character development.

You're only three pages in so far but I'm actually looking forwards to seeing what will happen next, and I'm also wondering about what sort of world Max'll be thrown into to save, and who she'll get as friends along the way.

Also, their eyes are so adorable.