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I like spriting and drawing and stuff. And I am quite awesome :3

I am a fan of many things. This includes Pokemon, Lego, Marvel and various other franchises. If you want to talk about anything over PM's then feel free! I am happy to talk about anything I like.
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Cat girl is now at the House.
I wanted her to get there, but I felt like also mentioned why she was actually in that city would also be useful, so... Yep. She's in a run-down City for a reason.

Rune does not consider herself a Hero or even a fighter, not at all, and so she wouldn't have fought back anyway. Maybe one day, though, the House Gang will find the Bad Guys who did this and there can be an epic battle. For now, though, Rune is going to take her jobless ass and sit it in the House. And she'll probably never get a job, either, haha.
Well, first, you need to actually join the comic, haha.
There’s been talk in the server of starting this up again, recently, so it’s certainly not too late to join. Just... If you do ever join, make sure to not mess up what’s going on.
And thus, the city adventure continues. Who knows what may happen next.

It's a shame I didn't actually know about this page until I looked at the comic, though. It feels like I'm missing from something. Hmm...
Inter-Dimensional Portable Stands?
I wish I knew that about science.

I wonder what will happen this time! Will the pancakes ever be made? How will Dewi and friends get out of this one? And what will happen to the Inter-Dimensional Portable Stand?
Of course, it’s the legendary distraction technique.
What more could you want?

Also, the Quest For The Cat continues! Butonly if it’s continued, of course.

Also, woah! Who would expect Plokman to be there?
@LimitlessGod: Nah, that’s not the reason.

First, the Infinity Stones don’t exist in EU. And I don’t think Moses would hide the Time Stone in his lab if he did have it, it probably would have been used to stop everything that happened in the last plot from happening in the first place.
Also, Rune became a cat quite a few years ago, in a different Dimension. I don’t think the Time Stone can reverse that.

Second, the explanation is actually simpler than that. It’ll probably be mentioned in a later page.
@Guest: I vote you should read the last 5 pages.

They're all cool, and explain what happened better than I'm able to.
I was going to make this yesterday
So, I've finally made another comic page, huh?

I wonder how long it'll be before I make the next one.
I also found out that I don't make speech bubbles for many characters, but now I have got a list of speech bubble colours for all of them.

Anyway, about the page?
Just some unexplained science stuff, and a little dose of magic, and then Rune is now... Human? There may be another page later that has Rune telling everyone else that she was originally human, until she was turned into a Cat by some magic. It'll all be confusing stuff that's unrelated to any plots, though, so maybe not.

I'm still bad at panel layouts, but whatever. I haven't made a page in a while, it's not my fault.
It’s hard to understand half of what’s going on in thia comic when parts are so funny, I have to stop and laugh and how silly it is.

It’s like someone has 5 different storylines, and they try to solve all of them at the same time.

And that’s exactly what a comic called Explanation Unnecessary needs, and can do, because it actually works.

Also Rune has some magic fire powers that she’s only showing now, and things finally seem to be going right for our Heroes. I think? I hope?

Ooo, guest stars?
This means that Rune (preferably human) could join the party.
It’s funny because I got Sonic at the top saying “No!”

Also, ‘twas an interesting conversation. Now where’s that check I’m expecting?
It's Rune again, but as a human rather than as a cat! She doesn't have a home because nobody believes that she is a cat, but soon she'll be at the house, when she remembers where it is.

She was in the previous version as a Cat, but I'm using her as a human this time.
In that last panel Rune looks like she’s either possessed, or she’s seen some weird stuff.

And this is coming from the person who created said character.


I don’t know if that should be counted as a compliment or not.
Did somebody say Cameos?

That's good because I have my characters here on one website with pictures
I've updated finally!

Well, I've had a small bit of inspiration and I finally got a computer mouse to use with my laptop. Let's see how much time I spend doing nothing next Month.
Thanks! And, also, awesome.
Are any of the characters left now?
There is a way all of the comic authors can plan. It’s called the Discord Sever.
And... Are you actually an author of the comic at all?
@Numine: We should do it via PMs.
You make the Discord group, and then PM all the authors the Invite Link.

OR... If you're not sure how to do that, I could do it for you. I do have CC and Builder as friends on Discord anyway, so I won't have to PM those two
And now Kibble...

Falls in?

Smashes stuff as he lands?


He's meeting everyone in one page, technically, while also (maybe) getting them to go to the Base to see what happened.

Now to PM all the authors here to give them my sprites...

Actually, do any of you guys (Apart from CC and Builder, I know they do) have a Discord account? If you do, and we make a server on there, we can talk about what's gonna happen, and we can plan stuff and share sprites, plus it's convenient.
What bio?
There are only three bios in the Character page so far unless it’s been updated recently