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What even am I?

My deviant art is down below~

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    On the internet, I go by Shelby.
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@Woo: (im Dasdegenerate/shelbyexe btw)
Can my emolga charrie show up some where? :3
Anything can happen to her, she lives in a brutal world.

This is the best pic u have of her though, haven't drawn her in a while. Her arm is bloody because both of her wings were lovingly torn off.
Wait, is this still a thing? XD
Great, another entity trying to help Amy. XD
Well thats pleasant. XD

Heres the link to the comic. Im making it sperate for many reasons.

Heres to hoping the next veraion isnt as much as a f'ck up as every other!
I finally figured out a name, so here it is. The Principle of Corruption.

Prepare for the blood to be spilt.
@Tehpikachu: Or will I? What could possibly go wrong with a billy bob joe jenkins, or whatever I wrote?
A small loan of a million dollars her name is jimmy bob joey jenkins yeehaw the third.
Ive read for awhile, just got around to reading it again, and all I can say is that im so glad its still updating!

This is easily my favourite comic that ive read. Everything about it is just perfect.

Good luck with everything in life mate, and great work on the comic!
Rip in pieces, you will all be missed.
Cherie is back in the banner, Cherie alive confirmed. XD

......welp, time to get shanked.
@Maka152: Uh, yah. 60+ main characters. Its a nightmare. XD

Anyways, yee. Im excited to start, I just need to finish the first terrain.
This can only end well.
The 100 triangles will live on.

Btw, ima still finish that gif sketch, make dem noodle whiskers 3d, and colour/shade, all dat gud stuff.

Its gunna be gud.
@Maka152: What do you think of this style?
@SkunkWitch: Yey, thanks!
@HarrisonButterGem: Low-poly terrain
Heres a test of what the comic may look like, what so you lot think?
@SkunkWitch: Hey, thanks a lot mate! Im excited ti finally begin, now that I can almost art. Im hoping I wont screw it up again. XD