A high school senior who wants to make her way in the world of writing. Currently working on my first story so expect info on that in the future!
count me in as well neko! though I don't know if you'll pick me since I am not active on discord cause I'm so busy lol

Love your comic by the way. It's everything a young transgendered individual like myself could want <3
AWWW I caught up with the comic. Figured it'd go on for a bit longer. Guess I'll have to give it a fav and try and figure out when it updates :P
Okay I'm just gonna stop right here and take a breath. this page hit home for me more than anything. especially since I am transgender. I am literally crying right now because of how true what rain said rings for me. It may be a long road ahead of me, but I look forward to going down that road with my friends. cause I know they'll always be by my side
December 21st, 2016
As rad as PMD RAD the comic? :3
Del's face though XD
He's like: wtf dude really?
@Nashew: I don't know why but that just makes sense XD
he's got jokes! XD
love him <3
I'd recommend reading the 6 part series that other life first. then moving onto the next series this new life, which most recent story shows the scene vagus describes here.
rest of you people? does this mean everymon else is already there? :O
Team Sprite seems to have their priorities in order :D
OMG FINALLY!! Now people go read Sly's stories so you can get backstory behind this page! :D
YAY Good for you wooled!
Meemie: do you miss your human life? I'm sure you left some family/friends behind? will this ever be explored? :O

guildmasters: when you were a team did you recruit any 'mons to join your team so that it wouldn't just be you 2? And will you allow teams at the hero's guild to do that?

Everyone: favorite game?

anyone how big is the pokemon world? can you show us a map?
A few questions.
1. Meemie, is that your actual name or just a nickname? I've never heard of anyone named Meemie before.
2. Faith, what would you do if you met any other 'mons who saved the world besides team hero?
3. To Meemie again, what would you like to evolve into? IF you can evolve that is since I don't know if humans can.
Question for Meemie (the character).
Did having 4 legs take some getting used to? I always wonder how humans deal with going from biped to quadraped.
August 20th, 2016
ooo, bad guy? :D
Beats you up then compliments you, seems like abuse to me
Okay wow, that is a huge image... so big I had to zoom out to even read the message