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How do you keep on producing these wonderful comics? You must be the princess of comics.
I don't know if I've been here before, but when I saw the title I HAD to come. Remind me to fav this one if I haven't already. This particular strip is powerful to me.
I like
Nice drawings and pretty good writing. Cool cast of characters. Mynk is particularly compelling. But it would be better if you just took a little more time on the lettering. They tell me lettering is a major part of what draws people to comics. I don't think it's that big a deal, but something to be aware of. Either way, I like the characters so far, all you have to do is find the right audience and your popularity will grow. That with constant improvement and perseverance are the key.

I'll keep checking in on this one.
Gee thanks
Thanks. I need all the encouragement I can I get. I feel like giving up some times, but it's just little things like that that keep me going.
Why the f would you even scare your little girl like THAT. Dumb a's. LOL. 5d
Kudos for "Guess I'll have to improvise"
Maybe it's just me, but it seems that it's only the super-artists that worry extensively about anatomy. That lack of anatomy training bothers me little.

Maybe the anatomically incorrect style just gives a certain individuality to the whole comic strip that others won't have since they're such sticklers for anatomy.

But of course this is just me being my overly philosophical self and bitter because I suck eggs at anatomy... I'm going to see if there's an anatomy class online right now!
Nice start
Nice start. The disparity between the innocent nature of the comic so far and the red eyes looming in the background is a great way to build tension. Can't wait to see what happens.
Hilariously simple concept.
The quality on this one isnt all tht great right? I'm going to go back and redo these first three eventually.
Alternate ending
Originally D-Wayne Crimson says, "Will you take 'hell no' for an answer." But I felt guilty making him cuss. Go figure.
I can see the tumbleweeds rolling up and down this place, but no need to feel sorry for me. I'm used to talking to myself. I sit ainxiously awaiting my first guest.....
Pretty good improvements from the beginning. Let's see where this goes.
This comic is pretty good. The arrangement of the speech in the panels is sometimes confusing, but I still think this strip deserves a better rating than it has. Good job.
Two steps forward five steps back
Man! My art is getting WORSE. But I think I pulled it off quite nicely despite.
Not quite there
Alright. My drawing skills aren't quite where they were before, which wasn't that great to begin with, but they're getting there. Feel free to jump in and talk.
Not a very good drawing
I had to do this one with cut and paste. I'm having problems with my scanner. But At least it's something.
The Change
As you can notice, the professor has been drawn differently. Particularly the hair. Please tell which style you like better.
This is definately random. A quirky drawing style though. Hope this does good.
I hate riding elevators.