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AUGH it's so late/early...must sleep :>

Anyways, please forgive my horrible pacing! <3

EDIT: It's now possible to click each page or use your arrow keys to go to the next paaaaage <3
I'M ALIVE AGAIN WOO~ By the way that guy with the knife is semi important, woo~

(Apologies for the severe lateness, I've been so tired for the last little while because of this new volunteer job. It's like a massive art camp/daycare with LEETLE CHEELDRENS aw they are so cute :> )

Are you guys having a great summer too? :D

ALSO I have been messing around on Tegaki a lot recently, as I finally have an account on there WOO ( )

EDIT: Page 23 will be up before I go to sleep tonight. <3
Wow, it's hard to believe it's already May. We're nearly halfway through the year, guys! o_o

Also, there's now a fan-art up in the gallery, from the wonderful sweet-tea~ <3

EDIT: Sorry about the lateness~ page 22 should be up tonight or tomorrow!

EDIT EDIT: Well I'm retarded and forgot I had a final, but THAT'S BEHIND ME NOW <3 also whaaaat I've recently become addicted to Tegaki E, whaaaat. Page 22 is coming ASAP sorry loves ;_;
Fiiiinally I updated~! :D

By the way, you don't have to remember who these ugly guys are at all, haha. Even I don't care about them.

EDIT: Page 21 up tomorrow~ <3 apologies about the huge break
April 18th, 2009
I continue to love this comic <3 The atmosphere is great, and your art is gorgeous! I can't wait to see what happens next!
your lines are so lovely and clean *__* also, Alec and his bitchy girl have the cutest spindly legs ever in the second panel <3
I wish I could update more frequently ; ;

Anyways, new banner~! And new page with a bizarre amount of textures and text. :D

EDIT: Page 20 up Saturday, dudes and ladies.

EDIT EDIT: I lied, Sunday. I got horribly delayed by life. :>
Update is so late due to tons of awesome crap going on in my life~! :D

godddddthispartmovessoslowly - I promise, something will actually happen soon!

EDIT: Page 19 up Friday. <3
It's the start of DAY 2! 8D
Augh so many textures D: But other than that (and Calen's weird threatening-chicken stance, and my wonky scribbled backgrounds) I'm satisfied with this page.

I appreciate your comments! :D Don't be shy!

EDIT: Page 18 up on April Fools' Day!
Finally, the first day is over! :D Goodbye intro!
Anyways, lots of crazy things have been happening recently. For instance, I not only got cast in one of the most amazing musicals ever, I also got accepted into art school! <333~
I'll attempt to get another page up for tomorrow~

EDIT: Oh yeah, top banner now returns you to my front page (news page)

EDIT AGAIN: Page 17 up Monday, fo sho. :>
I rly need to stop doing these pages so daaark :/ Also, never again will I try to ink in the car, ahaha~ <3

Also, the Gallery is functional, and now contains one fabulously old picture of Rilo! :D

EDIT: Page 16 up Friday or at the very latest, Saturday <3 lots of exciting stuff has been happening in my life recently!~ :D
Hopefully this clears up a few things, but more info is to come!~ :D Also, fixed the first 5 or so pages so now all text is in breathtaking handwritten chickenscratch!
So much for posting on Friday! :< lol I am so lazy~

Next page, a lot will be explained o__o things probably make like no sense right now!
BAM!~ :D
I was soo tired when I did this one so I may have to clean it up later :< I even forgot to shade Calen's shirt, augh XD

Next page: May be up around Friday!
lolol this part progresses soooo sloooowly~ also, lighting is fun :D

Next page may be up later today!

EDIT: I lied, page 12 will most likely be up Wednesday omg VALID REASON: I got a callback for my audition today, so I'm spending most of my waking hours on this songgg~ <3
February 23rd, 2009
My productivity is slowly increasing :D I can't believe I got this done for today! (I went crazy with lighting on this one, if you can't tell)

Next update Thursday, hopefully! 8D

EDIT: New page up Friday or Saturday, cause I don't want to rush this one :<
February 20th, 2009
The musical is over and I'm getting used to my new schedule, so I plan on submitting once or twice a week again! :D

Haha, I had to redraw this page 3 times over to get it to look even somewhat decent~
January 25th, 2009
Egad, the next few weeks are going to be craaazy for me. Two finals and at least 10 productions...Anyways, I may not be able to get the next page up this Thursday, but I'll try to! :<
January 23rd, 2009
My finals are done, so now I can start getting these pages up more on time~<3
Next update: Sunday!
January 20th, 2009
A day late, agh! Also, I've switched to doing handwritten dialogue~ I'll change my past pages to handwritten as well soon!
Next comic: Thursday~