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Writing fanfiction, Games, Reading, Music, and trying to get into dawing again.

I'm a Comp Sci major whose trying to get back into the swing of things in my last few years of college.
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There is

It's called EXP Share. ON


Or they chose to NOT go the path of trying to be pokemon masters/champions after failing a couple of times.

Not everyone ends up chasing the dream. There is a reason they're called GAMBLERS and not Ace trainers or Champion chasers.

You mean make her part FLYING, for the ELECTRIC-TYPE gym?

Your pokemon logic is a LOT different to many others. I hope you know that.
Officer Jenny?
That's who it looks like.
So...Did he quit then?
Seems like it.

Also, I wonder if there's a secret about this page. Like maybe one of the pokemon in this mound will be one of Atticus's new team members.

Could be coincidental that a few of the pokemon we see don't have their eyes shown, nor do we see swirls on some of them.
Way to go George. Speaking for the fans.
George is Fourteen.

This was stated in one of the earlier chapters. She's literally one year younger than Atty. Heck I think it was George who said she was Fourteen . Possibly in one of the Q&A's I believe.
@SeriousJupiter That jerk "boyfriend" was a girl. I think.
@Zant(Guest) What humbleness did Atty need to learn? HE has the right to go after the Gym leader he's more than likely to win against.

Quite frankly this was none of the others business until that one dude (he's a chick, right?) came out of nowhere and started accusing Atticus of picking on someone, even when he wasn't.

I'm pretty sure that Atty would have backed off after a bit of talking to that grass gym leader (Was it Luke or something). None of this needed to happen, it's honestly just most of these gym leaders, and Gabe, being assholes or just plain ignorant/insane.
Atty better go HAM!
No, no, no! None of dis is going to fly if dis is just more being an ass on Gabe's part.

Like dude, AttiCus, tell dese Asses to just f''k off already. Quite frankly da reason for all dis being a t'ing is inappropriate.
How the hell does this place function when it's full of nothing but assholes?

Like seriously, no common decency alone is annoying, but these guys have like no sense of kindness.

The only truely sane and kind people so far have been George, the doctor and SHOCKINGLY a TEAM ROCKET EXECUTIVE!
Charizard's gonna choke on a spat out badge isn't it?
Yeah, I see him getting the badge from this women, before they get Charizard to spit out his badge and the suspicion kicks in.
First Timer Commenter!
So yeah, first comment here, and hopefully not the last.

So far all I can say is, I think Stein might get in the way here. Either that, OR DT will evolve. We might get that Charizard vs Charizard fight yall have been waiting for!

OR Khan show up...Yeah I'm banking on Khan at this point.