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just let me find my happy place...
Thanks for stickin' with it
Wow, I honestly didn't think this little weird comic would get this many fans but I suppose I'm doing something right, although I have yet to figure out what it is.Anyway thanks so much for the 400 fans! Hopefully you'll stick around for what's to come. By the way updates should start up again by the end of next week!
Just doing a quick upload before I head off to work on some other projects. By the way, anyone else see The Legend of Korra finale? ugh, I have too many feelings over that show.
It's amazing how my handwriting has gotten worse than usual. I sincerely hope you guys can read everything if not you might want to zoom in a bit but hopefully not too much. So this is what you've been waiting for! Chapter 1 of Brotherly Love 2. It took me awhile to try to get back in the groove of writing for these characters again but I think I got it back. Anyway I really hope you guys enjoy it despite my weird looking art (art block!) and even weirder handwriting. Chapter 2 should be coming pretty soon but I've got to finish writing it so you'll probably see pages trickling in by next month. Anyway enjoy the update!
So, as I'm sure you've noticed it's now May, and no update. What's up with that you ask? Well I just got out of school last week, and this past semester has been a real killer, and I'm just trying to get my normal life back together as we speak. But the good news is that I have the 1st chapter almost all written out, and hopefully this weekend I can finish it and then start the drawing. I'm aiming to get at least 10-15 done pages for the update as well as a kind of buffer. So depending how things go updates should be coming around the end of the month/early June. Again, I'm sorry for the wait good people but I've been really swamped these past couple of months and I just needed a little break. You guys are awesome, and hopefully it will be worth your while. :)
Oh yeah! I sometimes post progress shots and other stuff on my tumblr so if you want to follow me here's the link
An actual page would look way better than this trust me and why is the text cut off?!
Hey! I bet you're probably wondering where I've been huh? Well, art school definitely takes up a lot of my time. But when I do get time off from homework I usually check in on this place, and I have to say there's a lot more activity here than I would've thought. It's because of this, and my own unwillingness to let stuff go that's made me think about writing a sequel to this thang. I miss the hi-jinks but most of all I just writing about these guys but I won't really be able to start it till May so this is really a teaser. Anyway I hope you guys will look forward to it 'cause I definitely am!
@Chrosse: Yes,that would be awesome :)
I really need to set up a better work and update schedule. But sadly things are definitely going to slow down since school starts next week. It's been fun while it's lasted.
@Chrosse: Thanks for the lovely comment. I apologize for not responding earlier but life has gotten in the way of my internet time. Anyway thanks for the offer, and I would definitely appreciate you coloring the pages for me, I love color but I hate having to do it myself. If you message me back maybe we could work out a schedule, and some of the finer details? Anyway thanks again for the offer.
If anyone is reading this then hi, I bet you're wondering why everything is in black and white. If you are then there is a good explanation for's that I'm very lazy and that I have come to the realization that I hate coloring whether it's traditionally or digitally, and I am no colorist. So everything except chapter covers will be like this from now on. Sorry if you're disappointed but I doubt anyone is 'cause as I said I suck at coloring, and this is much easier and allows me to get pages out faster, which is good right?
End of chapter 2
I am really tired but I have a couple things to say. This chapter should've been finished up at least by the end of last week but things happen so here it is now.For the record I don't know how good this chapter was or if this whole sequence between Seth,Cam,Ryker,Paige, and Tracy read well. If it was choppy I apologize I'm still trying to get the feel of this. Next chapter should be more comedic and any sloppiness in terms of the art should be resolved(hopefully). Anyway I'm off to bed hope you enjoy the update.
I probably should've made a side note but henbane is...well you can read about it here if you like.
Don't worry this page is supposed to look this way.
I forgot to edit the text in that 5th panel. Seth should be saying forever ago not agoo(?)
7th panel...ugh horrible perspective...
I really am going at a snail's pace with the coloring of these last few pages. I honestly just can't seem to want to do it for as long as it's necessary but I will finish them...sooner or later. Anyway I'm thinking about making the rest of this comic black and white so I can move through it quicker but I don't know I haven't made a decision yet.
New BL comic in the works
Sorry everybody I know use this place as some kind of platform for self promotion but perhaps you'll excuse me this time because this time I've got a new BL work in the making! I'm really excited about this one, it's in black and white which makes it easier to produce and a little more fun because I can work on my horrible inking skills. Anyway you can find it here
there are only a few pages at the moment but I should be fixing that later this week. Take a look if you're interested.
Oh how I hate the crookedness of some of these pages...but I assure you that next chapter hopefully all the kinks will be worked out.Anyway hope you enjoy the update hopefully I can finish coloring the next pages soon so I can get this chapter all squared away.
Oh man this took a whole lot longer than I thought it would but it's finally done.I have to say looking at this there's room for improvement in terms of the art and perhaps the paneling but for the most part I'm fairly satisfied with this first chapter. With all first chapters it's more of a way of getting my feet wet and working out the logistics of writing and drawing these new characters. This chapter probably wouldn't be as long coming if I didn't deplore coloring on the computer so much but it is the fastest way so I quickly got over it. Anyway hopefully this wasn't too boring and maybe you'll want to stick around for the next chapter.
So I can already tell that updates are going to be slower on this project but I think for this first chapter I'll just finish coloring the chapter before I post it.Anyway looking at these early pages make me cringe because the middle and end look so much better but oh well.Hopefully you enjoy the update.
Back from the abyss of art school
So with summer quickly approaching, and the semester ending soon I'm going to try to get my schedule back on track and that certainly includes comics!I'm excited to be getting my free time back and I hope to make a lot of headway with this project as well as the other ones on the back burner. Updates might be a bit slower than they were for my last comic but I'll still try to update at least 3-4 pages at a time.(also art quality gets better as this chapter progresses).
@yaoigirl954:Yeah, I'm going to try to get back to it...afterall I still have the script so all I need to do is get back to drawing.