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I like a lot of EDM and electronica with some indie rock/pop and alternative in general. I like to play a lot of FPS games and I used to play a lot of megaman games. I only like some anime.
Sometimes in my spare time, I like to draw and make music (though i never had full time to ever make a full song).
I am currently a college student.
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    Bryce Quintana
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Yeah. Dem feels especially when that person kinda knows you.
lol maybe he did get the right answer
This is exactly what happened to mine and the ones before
@Koishinobu: Sorry. I just like singing the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Ending 1 song. Anyways, Happy New Years.
FMAB ending 1 lyrics
@RyanTheScribe: ano hi mita sora akaneiro no sora wo
Nee kimi wa oboeteimasuka
@Koishinobu: *dun i meant
@Koishinobu: also
duh duh duh
@Koishinobu: happy new year
@Ryusui: Agreed.
@Koishinobu: Yeah. I can tell. Plus, you added one-point perspective on the last panel, which is commonly used.
Is it just me or does he remind me of Dante of Devil May Cry?