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'Sup? The name's Etamanti. That's a bit of a mouthful though, so just call me Etam. I used to be a Kirby. Then I got turned into a lizard. It's a long story. Well, not really, but it's a dumb story.

I'm, like, the alternate version of a guy called Ulti. Ultizeta, specifically. He also used to be a Kirby. And a Yoshi. Now he's a lizard like me. We're lizard buddies, you dig?

Wanna know more about me? I'm a sarcastic little jerk who loves to mess with others. 'Course, I don't ever take it TOO far, it's all in good fun, rest assured. At least, good fun for me.~ Depending on if I'm allowed, I have the ability to change things on a whim with my magic words that sound like gibberish to you guys. That's because they are gibberish. I know. I'm awesome like that.

Currently, I'm being held hostage over at Kirby's Dream Adventure. It's pretty mind-numbing over here, so you should petition that pesky Author Doo Battle X Star guy to let me loose and have some fun, y'know?
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Don't blame me for your personal shortcomings, Doo-ey boy

Besides, I'm more of an Escargoon kind of lizard
I CAN, however, make OTHERS do things.

If I so desire.

Which I probably will do.


Using my words.

And not my fancy magic words that aren't words. Real words. Via con-ser-vation and all that hip hop.

You can't prove anything.

I do what I want.
If she asked politely, I could just set her on fire
@BattleStarX: Clearly, it is I who most deserves to win this contest, and there can be no other
I wonder how the TACs would like it if I took their arms and waved them around while they were unable to fight back. Mind if I pay some cruel cats a visit, Dooey?
@NGamerS31: Oh please, why should he be worried about somebody who can't even use grammar properly? Have you *seen* how crazed Doo-ey here can get? Ya can't pull any punches, you dig?
@Eddy Cearfoss: Oh, I can certainly think of a few things~
Obviously she's talking about me.
You guys are sure missing out.
@Warpstar: Somebody's asking to be my first victim.
Your undyingly loyal fanboys may not have noticed my latest backstory addition, but hey, at least I've still got my awesome hat. That's all that matters.

Also, hi. This is what Ulti turned me into. I have arms now, so I can punch people easily! You had better watch out in the comments, you dig?