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Farewell TK
I always hated Vrook.
He threw his father into a bottomless pit. Going back to evil again? I hope so. Also Runt should have yelled, "This is Kotooooooooooooooooooor" as he threw him in.
Knowing Candy, I'm sure she took her revenge then. There was no need for that.
Is Sorlis doomed?
Looks like there might be a "stab" in Sorlis' future.
Because Sorlis is an idiot, that's why
Honestly, somebody stuff that guy back in a barrel where he belongs. Yay! First comment!
She still looks like a guy!
Back to the ponytail! And the sith outfit.
Big Brother
1984 has finally arrived.
Malak was playing tetris. Bastila doesn't have an excuse.