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Never underestimate dumb
It's like this card horsie has been placed both in attack mode AND defense mode!
Actually they were more primarily ivory white with midnight purple armour, and the other cyan and lavander. Not really maroon. In fact kitty lady is the closest to maroon
Oh him... He's such a card!
It's... Wape Stain!
Oh no! It's the... *glances at badge* Either the Spooky Ghost Face Police, or European Electrical Socket Police! In either case, oh no!
Fun Fact: The urban myth of stopping a shark by booping it on the nose is not true
Now my mental voice for birdie is Jon Lovitz's
He seems a tad... crabby about losing
I'm curious what product Ultraman is selling. UltraCola?
He seems to be taking a while to load
*Half-way through download, pauses*
"Would you like to take a survey and rate our product?"
Yep, nothing more regular than holographic personalized triangles of death.
"ARG! I have a lensflare in my eye!"
@TH3GADFLY: Oh yeah, I knew I forgot to do something...
Chain(saw) Combo!
This is a good page. Do you mind if I riposte this?
Rapid Rapier vs Hippo Hug
A mysterious and powerful character approaches. it me?