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Oh him... He's such a card!
It's... Wape Stain!
Oh no! It's the... *glances at badge* Either the Spooky Ghost Face Police, or European Electrical Socket Police! In either case, oh no!
Fun Fact: The urban myth of stopping a shark by booping it on the nose is not true
Now my mental voice for birdie is Jon Lovitz's
He seems a tad... crabby about losing
I'm curious what product Ultraman is selling. UltraCola?
He seems to be taking a while to load
*Half-way through download, pauses*
"Would you like to take a survey and rate our product?"
Yep, nothing more regular than holographic personalized triangles of death.
"ARG! I have a lensflare in my eye!"
@TH3GADFLY: Oh yeah, I knew I forgot to do something...
Chain(saw) Combo!
This is a good page. Do you mind if I riposte this?
Rapid Rapier vs Hippo Hug
A mysterious and powerful character approaches. it me?
Time to "step" up!
At least she didn't kick him with what SLAYBAY suggested?
Get 'em Officer Mewmew!