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only honest people drink lattes
September 16th, 2018
@TH3GADFLY: Hood bit? Seems like someone has face-concealing on the mind. Don't try and mask it!

I'm sure the art block will be swiftly destroyed with the power of hooded JUSTICE
"You're the butter user!"
"No I'm not!"
"What?! I can't believe you're not butter!"
You shall never win, Sharkberry! No matter how many BlueBaddies you have!
I'm not that grand... *blushybun*
Because of the coloured dots, I will assume she is Twister Tentacle
Oh my goodness!
His sibling is a talking roof support?
@Dan Genesis: I'm betting through being Funkadelic
*gasp* Evil duck!
o/ EEEE!
naw, nothing can possibly go wrong with that kind of background!
so much hen-shin yet no chickens
blackness. opens her eyes... "Surprise! Happy Birthday!" and they all have silly hats and cake and all party rather than be evil, the end!
He sat his throne atop The Agrocrag?!?
Look! A giant toad!
(Cause he's Crow-King!)
What do you call a large group of crows?

@MarioKong: Motorcycles incoming!
She has a cutie-mark!
@TH3GADFLY: Was it? Or... Just obvious enough?
Oh if only the bird wasn't a crane and was pink instead. We were so close to having Flamenco Flamingo