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@Dan Genesis: I'm betting through being Funkadelic
*gasp* Evil duck!
o/ EEEE!
naw, nothing can possibly go wrong with that kind of background!
so much hen-shin yet no chickens
blackness. opens her eyes... "Surprise! Happy Birthday!" and they all have silly hats and cake and all party rather than be evil, the end!
He sat his throne atop The Agrocrag?!?
Look! A giant toad!
(Cause he's Crow-King!)
What do you call a large group of crows?

@MarioKong: Motorcycles incoming!
She has a cutie-mark!
@TH3GADFLY: Was it? Or... Just obvious enough?
Oh if only the bird wasn't a crane and was pink instead. We were so close to having Flamenco Flamingo
I'm here to... DANCE!
This better not spawn any fanfictions
I'd have thought that a world where all tetris blocks were straight would be a brighter, happier place
That's right, Cutie Honey = Death
"I had to leave my crimefighting team of multi-colored spandex superheroes because I was an adult, and no longer a teenage with attitude"
All of our favorite characters! Flavio the Hip Hippo, Roderick Rat, Chess-ter Horse, and.... that other guy!
Don't you mean their... Maskcot?