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My tablet died.
i know it will be terrible and sad but moar please?
awwwwww when this ends i will be sad :<
moar? \Owo/
Yay! welcome back Taino!
To be be honest hate urges tingle but I am not sure if I hate her yet...
In the last panel is Roxene missing her black hair bows?

P.S. love the comic.

P.P.S First comment
Even though I haven't gotten to know the milky I will still miss the milky. But if you need to leave you need to leave we will all still love you! :3
cute :D
Ooo interesting! cant wait for more!
she is a she devil... kill her off.
this page is so cute! moar please!
Katamari is fried squid. and lol Herz made new friends :3. and I agree he is adorable in the last panel. :3
Miruky-chan! no mad at AiAi. There is no crack or love between Abel and Vain like brothers. Abel adores Amai and Vain. He just like climbing on tall things.

VainxAmai forever
yay fap tiemz
Kai baby blue?
"oh dear god! my dick!" i loled.
she is a freak, js.