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February 7th, 2017
i am gay for buff flower man
@CuteDress&TwinPonytails: I am right there with you. I think they would be so cute together and happy.
October 17th, 2016
Aww, their effort is kind of sweet.
Ohhh no, did she forget to tuck?
I feel like I can completely understand Grace and the way you just wrote about it driving her into hiding because of the help she didn't get, or got the wrong help.

I can just fully relate to this because whenever my issues came into the light at school I never got the help I needed. It didn't matter if it was about my cutting/attempts or about my issues at home it was never dealt in a way that fixed any of it and it just pushed me in the wrong direction for a while.

Now in the present I still have serious issues vocalizing my problems because I am afraid of how it will be dealt with even though I am no longer in the same bad home situation.

I kind of feel really attached to some of your characters just from the fact I can relate so strongly. I really love to read their stories even when they are heartbreaking.
alright, now Bree is kind of reminding me of one of my exs
i hope Bree can come out of the closet and they can have a sweet open relationship.
oh wow
what fucking nerds
its too cute to handle
ah, i was right
i wonder if Cindi is pregnant?? Like this is just my prediction but its not like I'd go to talk to my school nurse about my sexuality.

Can't wait for the next page.
I really love Kora and Annie's relationship.
ahhh what nerds!!
Ohh, poor Chloe. I know those types of customers to well and it can be terrifying.
i love how everyone just seems to enjoy the moment right now. its peaceful.
I really hope that Annie can just have some sort of new ally in Cindi.