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at this point he can just name his dick Lenny ;)
this is absolutely hysterical XD loving aryn
July 14th, 2016
Oooh I like it! Momo is prob gonna fall for Kuro instead thooo
I can see Gannet got his beau looks from his mama! She's gorgeous!
I did love his rainbow hair but I gotta agree with Bryan on this one c: he's a cute blondie
I am loving this xD so glad I could stumble on this
aw poor horse :'(
July 6th, 2016
omg I relate so much to jaren rn rofl
Ooooh rainbow hair? I wonder how that'll look tbh
screams I can't wait to see what'll happen and such!

Ooh I wonder what he has got planned.
@vixenpills: kinda died when saw "crying in Spanish" but I'm good now XD
Aww nooooo :c Poor Mimi. Don't do it Momo
bahaha they are but it scratches in the wall or something in the middle of the night so XD lol Maybe it is tho
Omg colors!! <3 So pretty
Yes Momo escape to the safe room. My room isn't safe anymore cause I have a squirrel in my wall .^.'
AHHHH OMG IT'S BACK @D@ Welcome back!!
Lol apparently his anaconda don't, amirite
Aww Kokabiel (did I spell that right? XD) looks kinda scary when he's all big and stuff... Oh well! Good boi
February 4th, 2016
we can call him the good guy since he is trying to protect Momo from future punishments
Absolutely love Bryan's pose in the first panel. Such a manly man
February 3rd, 2016
well that's not as bad as I was thinking lol
bookface has my approval
@Polly: oh my god XD