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I really need to add some content here or something.
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Unfortunately, I don't really make comics anymore. Not really enough time in my life or I'd love to resume/reboot any of my old comics. I think I'm retired.
Glad you think so. Like I said, it will be next month before updates start coming in. I haven't even had a chance to start working on spriting with work and the baby, but I should be starting on that in the next few days and popping a few backgrounds out isn't going to take long, and that's all I really need(besides some more writing) to get some updates flowing. Either weekly(hopefully) or ever other week(unfortunately more likely with my hectic life)
An actual update? How did this happen? Why? More details to come.

Edit: Check the news post for the status of the future of Drunken Gunslinger.
An Update!
I know, it's about time. It's only one update for right now but I want to make a few more tonight-of course I won't upload 'em all at once. Expect a change in the way the comic looks as I'm now only using MS Paint.
Okay guys, I just picked up Borderlands last week and with work I haven't had much time to do anything, then alone play Borderlands or make comics. I intended to make comics all day yesterday, but I've been playing Borderlands instead. So here's a filler for you with some characters you haven't seen. Some will appear sooner than others...
...and who could blame you?

Well, really you don't need to be persuasive to persuade DG. Just need a few gallons of something alcoholic.
I'm sorry for breaking the update cycle, but I forgot to keep track of the auto-updates and, with work, haven't had time to make more. I'm pretty much booked solid for the next week, so it might take a little while to get completely back on schedule.
Thanks for the fav.
Thanks for the positive comment.
Yes really. I'll stick to what I said over a year ago. In my opinion it looks trashy. I'm entitled to my own opinion as you are.
Yes. Why, yes, he is.
Those pesky gnomes can show up anywhere!
Can you blame DG for being a little sensitive?
Don't really have much to say about this one...

...Looks like a good morning to me.
Who hasn't had this happen?
Factoid: The passed out pirate was meant to be me in LAN Pirates. The whole idea of LAN Pirates came from my buddies and I and our plans to take over the Internet, so each of the characters was one of us.
Two hours of chuggin' rum and they're still going? Only a pirate and a Drunken Gunslinger.
Aren't drinking contests the best way to solve ANY problem?