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Hey! Pikabata here!

I've loved the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games since the day I started playing the first version :D I like to arrange music from the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. I post my work here: at Musescore.

I recently started drawing characters I played as in my PMD games and it's super fun! Well, was super fun until I realized how much of a pain it is to create my characters without a tablet :P Unfortunately, the only tool I have for this is Painter on the Mac, so I don't get the results I'd like :/ Praying for a tablet!
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@Undertales : But don't all gengars have a constant grin? And it's not uncommon for characters to have multiple sides to them xD
That pun was certainly perfect xD Way to use his own words against him Kai >:D This is such an awesome page!
So much for that flawless plan
@CyberPikachu: Welp it was nice knowing Tykie then D:
@CyberPikachu: You said it XD
@CyberPikachu: That's not exactly what I meant ;) But that was a pretty helpful explanation!
@CyberPikachu: I should have known! I'm sure my friends would enjoy reading it too ^.^
How do you guys not have more fans?? Both your art and arcs are amazing!
What are those?!?!
gg tykie haha
I don't think you're pushing hard enough Akairo!
Daaang that sure is one fine ass...IGNMENT
gg Horatio
Good luck running away from an enraged Cybie while carrying a bed :P
I hope the 3ds is ok D:
Your drawing of Toriel, especially in panel 3, is the best I've ever seen! You really captured her caring personality and the pain in her expression! Well done!
This is great! I love how you draw the characters, ESPECIALLY Toriel! Please continue making these ^.^
Woooah this is amazing! Guess she has a reason to be afraid of water now other than being a fire type XD
Sounds like something big...
I'm so glad your still alive! I was getting worried that this series was going to go on a permanent break D: Anyways, nice page! Love the lightning C: