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Ionic Defibrillator
Hallo! Name is Andy. I like stuff involving stories of any kind. Preety big into anime and video games. If for whatever reason you wanna talk to me, go ahead, dont be shy. I actually really enjoy a good conversation all of the time.
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That Kamina thing hit a bit hard
Killing in the name of?
And we are done
So with the endof this chapter we can celebrate together. A group hug or something of that kind. Or whatever floats your boat. Anyway. See ya next week with another chapter
You could have prevented world war 3. The cat warned us all
It wont be any revelation to you, but if you set a certain time frame every day and keep it it will speed up things a lot. Also, it sounds dandy I guess
@Draven22: It's funny how people make sense sometimes
@Spekkal_X2: all hail prediction master spekkal
They gucci now
Resolution time is party time. Fun.
We are like, not a lot of pages away
Hey, feelings and stuff. Humans are weird and stuff. Anyway I'll be invocations, so replies will belate. Love ya lots :*
@kwane: You are never too old to be young
It's pronounced as EUGH. Give the "u" an accent
I guess that's a con in young characters. Not a lot of experience
Metal gear Falconer.