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Art,knitting,jewelry making, crafting trash into treasure.

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Just started reading...
Great comic!
Identical twins...
Identical twins come from the same egg (during mitosis it slips completely in two) and so are genetically identical. This means they would both have the same gender. However, since you can have regular siblings that like very much alike the same thing could happen with fraternal twins.
I like the story. I especially like the way Kajin is standing up for himself. I don't think he should be with Ojii anyway.
I love your comics. Your inking and coloring have really improved! But I always thought you were great. I understand being busy and not having time to be creative on a schedule.
October 1st, 2011
Remake and challenge
I love your comic...but do not mind waiting for more. Challenging yourself with Manga go!!
My favorite concept by far is Unbroken Contract...I guess I am a sucker for all remakes of fairy tales..especially with a twist! My second favorite is Seven
Frustrating... may be, but, I cannot run off now...just when things are getting tense...
Hahaha...haven't drawn by candlelight in years! Wait...just realized...that makes me sound like I'm a vampire or something...haha.
Love your comic man. Am on tender hooks...does he get disowned?
Anyway, I also read tiny pick robots so I know how great it is also!
Hahaha...I gave on thinking about things years ago. I am NEVER ready to face "the real world" so why bother!
I was thinking..cute but NOOOOOOO...until I realised it was April Fools...hahaha...
Love the comic!
I really liked seeing the progression sketches.
Hey..I been to "pulled out tooth land" so I know how that goes. Look forward to the Oct update...thanks for letting us know.
I love this comic! Feel the love. Thank you for updating even though "its not getting you anywhere in life". That takes real commitment!
Bet is over...
I will waiting with great anticipation for what happens next...I love this comic...but do not rush on my account!
Love this...
Don't remember if I have commented or not before, but I wanted to make sure to let you know that I love your comic. It is fun to see the story develop and it is beautifully drawn.
I'm here for...
the story. As one person already commented it seems well developed. I love a good romance and do one care about the gender of the partners.
Thesis in Ceramics...
Ahh, college art courses I remember thee well...though it has been a few years now! this page....buahahaha!
Great scene...
I will go further and say that I think this is the best penelope and cliff scene yet!

Again, I love our comic!
Happy V-day late...
Love, love, love your comic!
As for V-day, the hub and I went out to dinner after getting a babysister. First date since child #2 was born (7 months....wahhh).