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That Arcanine looks cool.
@Rowan: Right, I forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder.
@Takai: Oh I don't think Atty took it. I guess someone else found it in the forest and went to the computer to check if he had any cool pokémon, and then just left it there.
Hold on a minute, is that Ricardo's trainer card next to George's?
He can't just give them back without drawing every single one of them first!
Nice toning effect in the background of the last panel. It does a good job emphasizing the feeling of "oh shit".
She has the same expression as Atty had on page 62. Hmmmm...
He could just zap her back in her ball and leave.
Oh no! What happened to the dirt on his face??
I think she's overreacting a little bit.
"Hold it! You forgot your thunder badge!"
@chaos-of-vinnie: It's the pokémon he stole from Abel in chapter 8 (the reason he and George are wanted and all that). We didn't know it was an eevee until now though.
Too cute!
I'm actually worried about Rat now. His expression in the last panel looks like as if he knows he's gonna die, but is too exhausted to do anything about it.
Maybe he's not there to fight. He's just angry because Atty left him behind.
As if Atty hasn't had enough explosions in his life.
George is awesome.
George looks kinda cool for once.