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NOOOO! VOTE FOR BLIZZ OR ELSE, and here are some questions:
#1 Where is Sky/Sora?
#2 Who is the Flareon?

Answer those questions, Plz!!!!
If you look in panel 2, why does Umbreon look like a cartoon and Leafeon almost look real? ^_^ ?
Is dat Devin's rude finger or wut, plus dat is pretty borin' comic!
I think that's Dawn's Pokeball bat wouldn't she be inside it?
If Eve was a lion, she would be a lioness so how would she be a king. Also I don't think Umbreon would know either, I mean Blizz and Dusk would make a pretty DUMB team!
Go Dusk x Sky!!! They are quite a CC (Cute Couple)! Oh and is Vay playing hide and seek or is he just hiding?
@Pinkeevee22: True, very true I like Umbreon being call Umbreon-Kun (Kawaii)!
Anyone notice behind Blizz' laptop there's a bell? Plus, I love Flare's tail so furry! BTW, My fave character is Blizz!
#1 Why Blizz so dumb? #2 How does it change time and space? Except those 2 questions, I think dis comic is pretty cool!
@Kid Danger Eevee: Wut is Dewey?
@Pinkeevee222: Umm, did Dawn steal Blizz' comic or not or did Scull steal it?