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I just love making stories, right now its kind of what I do in my down time. I'm a student at Southern Cross University studying IT and I'm a mother of two. Betrayal Is Love is my pet project right now, so there should be lots of updates.
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life seems to laugh when I promise new pages :( sorry for the lateness
a little optimistic
seems that a page a day was a little bit tricky but I can do a page every two days at least and occasionally there's gonna be two pages when I update so maybe that'll make up for it?

ps - please excuse my crappy backgrounds, I hate drawing backgrounds I really do, and I'm not very good at it either. If I could I'd get someone to do them for me :P
two new pages and changed the order of the previous pages so they make more sense
I know this looks kinda bad but as any parent of young children would know, sleep deprivation will do that to you
check my news if you wanna see what's going on with this comic
the hair
his hair is meant to be longer, just noticed this now... coz we're all looking at his hair right?
@Fluffy: piccolo would make a much better Edward lol
Your comic is worth waiting for, good luck with everything :)
Love this
I love how really this is, I kinda hate it in comics where they get to their first time and they do it like pros, this is awkward but cute and real, love it, keep it up :)
he should really learn to put some of his pokemon away, I can't imagine magikarp is having a good time right now, but hey you never know
love it
keep up the good work, faving this comic now! :)
This comic is amazing, the art and the story. Yay for me! And all your other fans! Thank you! XD
would you climb out if someone told you they could be a rapist?
@Robinson3938: exactly what I would have done :P
perfect last panel :P
i get this
this was kind of my reaction when I first started dating :P
this comic is just amazing, the art is beautiful and the story is drawing me in :)
@KiraTsukasa: love it, laughed for far too long
these two have the best chemistry, i love it, lovely art by the way i love this whole comic and how much its improved since the beginning is amazing, you're an amazing artist/author! :)
looking forward to seeing where this is going :)