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-:True yoai lover:-

I'm a total dreamer with some serious reality problems.. but hey, i'm happy! highest on my "to do" list, is making my own webb comic... I working pretty hard on that one... it's called research!!

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If the demon and/or Cain comes home before shit gets good, I will kill them all. Just so you know. Go buttsmex!
So sad this will soon be over!! I'm anxiuos for the last pages and at the same time I hope you'll never post it, so it will never end.

Love the whole marriage scam though. Sound lika a good plan to me =) Or maybe it sound like a sure failiur...Can't decide.

Omg! First comment! Never happened before =)
I hope at least one of those six pages is of Liams seme debute. Can't deny the fans that after reading for 3 years *puppie eyes*

But seriously, I'm so sad that there so little left. I've been following this comic since the end of chapter one. And now it feels a little like I'm loosing a friend. It damn right hurt my heart.
Feels sad that it's over.. I'll miss Haru and the rest of them <3

I hope and look forward to any sequal you will do of FS.

Thanks for the great story and merry christmas to ya!
You've made my day =)
Yay! Update! And a naked one at that. Can't get any better then that =) I've really missed this two. Hope to see them soon again <3
Yay! It's alive!!!

Welcome back! I've really missed your comic <3
Yay! Update <3 <3

Now Mr Dove is interfearing to? Poor Liam and Ed, everyone is against them..
...And in the next page Mrs Dove gets a heart attack and falls dead to the floor. Yay!!

That biatch gives me a stomach ache =( Plz make her go away
.. to whom ever shots Mrs Dove. I KNOW she makes the story more "intresting" but this comic has already had so much plot that I think it's smut time now. All I want is lovy dovy Liam and Ed.. Or maybe hardcore Liam and Ed,witch ever is fine =)
Although I'm not one for violence (not counting a little friendly man to man spanking comics once in a while)I'll kick you all around to globe if it results in more pages =)

Haru my man.. your such a girl!!
Aww, plz don't go away Ed! This just gets sader and sader! I know you say that it's going to be fine in the end, but I have trust issuse.

Btw, since I didn't comment on the last page. I'm from Sweden.
Whaaaaa!! O__O ok, never thought liam and edward could look soo hot together.

But really, another heartbreaking page. Yes, Heldrad, you're really breaking my heart! I want them together always and forever.

They look more sad then happy to see each other. witch I can understand if they can meet to often. Harsh realitys keeping them apart. for for gawds sakes! Plz fix this soon. I have NEVER cried cuz of a comic before.. well exept your.. when henry was sick and when they eloped.
So first I was sad that Henry and Richard left and now I'm feeling all deppressed for ed and Liam!! They're meant too be gawd dammit!

I was soooo sure they would be all lovy dovy. Not sad and distant from each other. =(

Plz Heldrad fix this! It's totally breaking my heart. It feels like there so little time left and if these two dont end up together, HAPPILY, I will cry like a baby.
Aww I'm getting teary eyes here! It's so sad to see them go even if I knew what was coming. I'm gonna miss them so much!!

Liam still looks small and cute.
Yay! first comment <3 <3 <3

Omg! That's such a great idea. Can't wait to see what the future is gonna bring them!

And I just want top say thank you for so many updates in a row <3 I'm getting spoiled!

Love your comic <3
So this is good bye? I might not see these two again? omg I suddently feel so sad! Bye Henry! Bye Richard! I hope (and refuse to think otherwise) that you will have a long and happy life together!

So it's back to Edward and Liam now? I've missed them!
Yay! Oh lets run away Hanry! Let's!! <3 <3 <3
Yay!! Datetime!!!
Aww!! Haru is so cute when he yawns =) Heartwarming <3 <3
I actully have a cherub in my wallet. Well a picture of one at least. Spoooooky! But if they need it they are more then welcome too borrow it >3

I want the book too! But I think it's smarter to wait so I can buy more then one cuz the shipping is probably gonna cost me more then the books =S Stupid Sweden.. so far away from everything...