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weee ^___^
NOOO >__<
the school wasnt too happy with some programs on it ... >__< oops

hopefully i can get a tablet soon
hehehe <3
i want a yen!!!!
its so funny to think they hated each other not long ago and now she's offering moral support!!!!

whoa he's only 18?!?!
oops totally forgot to color that backpack!!! hahahah!

well this took me all of a night!
i wasnt feeling to great so this is what got me to vent!!! YAY
well the title didnt promise cthulhu!!! its just what my friend lavender-drop decided to name it ... its just a name!
YAY page three! this took longer than normal because i couldnt draw running legs X___X

i dont know ... ^__^
ahahahah ^___^ doesnt he though!
it took me forever to figure out how to make him look angry! lol
October 15th, 2007
if god was like this I'd be his angel any day
why thank you!!! ^__^
oogie is coming back!!!
so some quick info
read right to left
thoughts are italized
color of hair is person speaking
erm that is leonel's step dad
leonel is pronounced lee-on-all!

ilove his mom!!! <3
this is my first one i totally didnt know how to do it ...
i hope you like it though!
Much Better
^__^ Yup
I was more content With this one because I got adobe &another program that iS much nicer! btw this is the first chapter page not title page
well i'm glad you added to the king cuz i probably got so confused i didnt even know it was the king unless he was holding a sign! <3
its looking great!!!
excited for more
ahhhh i want more *cries*
<3 <3