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Hello, Internet people! I’ll call myself Blues here. I am an artist, and art will be my livelyhood! *strikes a cool pose*… though, anything I put here will more then likely be a sprite comic, since I’m deathly afraid of IMAGE THEFT…

Soooo… you know that I like to draw and sprite things. I am very fond of ANI-mals, ANI-mation, ANI-me, writing stories wrought from the depths of my mind, and learning about how to better interact with the world around me! (That’s a little difficult when your sanity is, at times, questionable.)

I’m also a Lower Freshmen in college, meaning I won’t be here very often… but when I am… You’ll probably know! Now then, I’m off to go cause some tomfoolery! HUZZAH--!!!

OH! And, one last thing; I’m a good friend of that Noland guy what wanders ‘round here! If my spriting style is somewhat similar to his, it’s because he got me into spriting in the first place ^_^. Of course, the both of us are trying to bring something fresh and interesting into the genre… so… if you bothered to look ME up, then go and see him, too!

PEACE, yo. Wulf Sistuh is OWWT (out).
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    Blues (it's a pen name!)
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Happy 100th Comic, Ultimus!
Bwahaha!! I've returned from the dark reaches of... wherever! Interestingly enough, I've been gone for such a long time partially because I'm trying to do just the same thing with my comic. I've sent you a PM about all of that, though...

As for this episode... I like it! I think that's a pretty good rendition of Haupuia, considering he's a pain in the hindquarters to draw. I can't wait to see what's up with that 'ghost'...
Screw you, Merlin Man! Journeyman is WAYYYYY cooler then you!

I'm late. Fancy that!

The clothes are supposed to be baggy, but certainly not fluffy. I'll experiment with the sprite some more to see if I can break out of that. Thanks, Afroman, for tips-and-such.


EDIT: OH! And, Radioactivity, you're GOOD. I had no idea whatsoever how to get sprites enlarged like this back to normal.

So much for the first anti-thievery method. I has to go try another one now...
Actually, I think I'd like to use this, too; it's pretty good! If I use it, though, I'd like to edit with Photoshop; give it some different lighting and whatnot. Would you mind very much?

If it's okay with you, I'll post the edited version--giving full credit to you of course, Smeezette.
*Is slowly going over the new content*

I think you've got a good handle on what you're doing, but I've got a tip for you:

I see you know about light sources for your shading, which is a very good thing. If you'd like the shading to look a more natural on the chest, do to the shirt what you did for the rest of the clothes; that is, don't have the highlight sitting right on the edge. It looks a bit blocky as is.
HEY, SMEEZETTE! Read this, please! Oh, and also...

Anydamnway, these sprites need some help before you use them for anything... I'm about to type a lot, but it's worth your time to read it, along with what some of the others have already said. Now then...

There needs to be some actual shading on the clothes, rather then just an outline drawn around a blob of color. It doesn't have to be fancy, but it DOES need to be there; otherwise, your character looks flat. There are tutorials about this; If you look for them, I'm sure they'll help you.

Also, I think you ought to look at his body coloration; his skin tone, his fur/spines/what have you, and his eyes. From what I can see, the color you used for his skin and eyes are EXACTLY the same as Sonic's. If you, at the very least, tweak his eye and skin color, he'll look less like Sonic... or, at least, he'll begin to.

One last thing. I realize his fur/spines are supposed to be black, but he's much too dark! Make his colors contrast some more; The highlight on him should be lighter. Again, that will help with the flat look.
YAAAYYY!! Neopixel's alive!!!

That burnt guy is AWWSUM, yo.
To teh D00DZ: YES! I was on to you the entire time!! THE TRUTH IS REVEILED!

To dah PKz: It's not really comic making 'genius' so much as it is comic making INSANITY. I love doing these! ^_^

Edit: To Soniroth: Thanks again some more! TWICE!! THREE TIMES! I'm sad I gotta go soon... School...
Thank you, thank you!

Simplified shading would help out. But, for some reason, I just can't get a grasp on the outlines of Sonic-Styled characters. Gotta look into it more, maybe.
Google it! Google Head Cheese, I dare you!
You'll be really weirded out, I assure you. Especially if you look on Google Images...

Hey, look! I used everybody (I think!) Also, in this comic, I found myself looking at a rather strange phenomenon...

Would D00d's lack of a visable nose make him less likeley to smell stinky free head cheese?

A-yepyep! This is my first contribution to this fiiine establishment! I never seem to run out of single sprites that are too hard to make sheets for, so I think I'll have a lot of these sort of things.

By the way, I drew that pixel-art-thing in the corner, so do me a favor and DON'T LET ME CATCH IT ANYWHERE ELSE.

Tanku ^.^
Planet Badger: A World of Utter Terror...
NO. I can't possibly fathom where you could be. It's probably real wet and squishy, though.


Raika doth say: Black Space! HELLZ YEAH!
Ah. You're a smart cookie, then! ^_^
This is JUST the sort of thing I needed to see after fighting with my crappy virus-ridden computer to even MAKE it to Smackjeeves. Good ole Mister Demon, you never let us down!
I'm gonna join too! What better way to show off single sprites that are too difficult to make full sheets of?!

*Is very excitable due to drinking half her weight in Tropicana brand lemonade*
Where the Stick failed, the Dog shall prevail!
...Or something. It sounded cooler when I said it. Anyhow, our two heroes (or hero-helpers), are about to have a rather dangerous tangle to deal with, what with the robotic metal blades of death and all…

However, Levy’s got a few tricks that could make this fight a lot more even then one would think…
That's mostly the air hissing in and out of them. They use it to cool their systems... or something.

Again, if I had the OMG-HTML-SMARTZ, I'd put up some sort of lovely page that would explain things like that...

HEYGUESSWHAT! I'm gonna update in five minutes!
Um, I mean... Gee, what could possibly be goin' on here? *prepares the interrogation light*

And, yet, I cannot help but feel a kinship towards him, for I, too, love kittens.

I'm off to go be weirded out for the rest of the morning.