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I love playing games and drawing

I already draw my own comic in the Deviantart

The avatar is the example of my drawing!

I also love playing PMD series and reading the fanmade comic

I have to stay at school dormitory when the school is open up so if anyone want to pm please be patient to wait my reply during my holiday...I will online in 3 days thursday,friday and saturday every 2 weeks sorry if there any problem...
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    Neiru Lysor
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Oh,that's Naya's mom! O_O ....i guess...
Lady Onslaught!
Her attacks is deadly now O_O
Well at least she is not that bad,i guess?
Lol XD
That's really rude XD
Does eevee actually die because of water gun? O_O

or maybe because of that direct hit(Critical Hit)
Awesome! Its look cool XD
Hmm....i thinks those are Naya's friends or team :/
Nice move Iten!
wonder what would Iten do next :3
Those derpy faces scare me =_='
Naya you silly XD
Well good things that charmander didn't die cause he is mah favourite pokemon :3
Hope you get better soon :3
Did Iten just bite that pokemon? wait trobl already said he's not

lol those flower....
Go For It Iten!!
Defeat that mean girl even though she looks innocent O_O
Lol iten face! XD that's really hilarious!

Well,you working hard as ever i see
Hah! Take that i-dont'remember-what-that-pokemon-is!

Lol i thought Naya would shot Hyper Beam XD
Yay! one of my favorite pokemon! XD
Naya used BITE!


Echo: Oh great....
Yo.... O_O
@Aura9301: You're welcome :)
April fool...
You got me there =_='