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Thunderwolf Casual
@Bobert: Thought for the day: Ignorance is your best defense.
@Allsmiles: This is one of my favorite pages for that very reason! I love seeing the "slice of life" side of the story.
@Cpt. Johannes Wyss von Krieg: Talon is posed like that because he's so proud of his handful of chesthairs and he has to get mileage out of them whenever possible.
@The_Worker: We shall bring you more, IN THE EMPERORS NAME
@Hollow: Good job on the self correction there Guardsman. That "Sooooo" at the bottom is directed at Holt, so we shall see very soon!
@Lhorgrim: I've seen copies of the Only War RPG available in local hobby stores, so you may want to try yous. Alternatively, Dark Heresy actually has a lot of what you would need to run a party of all guardsmen. I would add some support squad mates as NPCs, but otherwise you're good to go!
To be fair, the Ordinaries are good at blowing things up!

Just not intentionally.

Goodness, how the time flies! We'll hit page 50 soon! Anything special you guys would like to see for it? Let us know in them thar comments.
We Return Again!
We're back after another con delay! PAX East was kickass as usual. We met even more fantastic 40k cosplayers, missed a few others, got our picture taken with the Total War folks, and otherwise engaged in wacky Guard shenanigans. Talon would be proud, Holt would be horrified, mission accomplished. If you haven't seen the shot on our facebook page, we did manage to take the most "Eagle Ordinary" photo we've ever taken.
(Stephen riding a dinosaur)

We challenge any GM's in the audience to make this happen in a campaign.

We're excited to bring you this next arc, and a new character we love. Enjoy and keep on Onyl Warb-ing.

By the way! The comic is now optimized for your retinas. Should have sharper details on your phones and fancy screens.
@Buttery_Commissar: ^^^^
I want this person on my squad.
Chapter 2 and Adepticon Wrap Up!
Chapter 2 kicks off! We had a lot of fun with the page; Kaiser can now draw the Taurox (aka Murder Van) from memory. I'm curious to hear what tune folks put the song to in their heads.

If you hadn't seen it on our Facebook page: we went to Adepticon! It was glorious! We met a ton of incredible people and introduced some great folks to the comic. Here's a very, very small sampling of the wonderful cosplayers we met (including our little cadet buddy.)
<IMG SRC="" width="80%">
<IMG SRC="" width="80%">

Big news: the comic will soon be featured on Spikey Bits! Rob Baer and the folks from the Long War podcast graciously interviewed us and offered us the chance to appear regularly on their blog. We should have a few more Ordinaries joining us soon!

Which is great, because estimated casualties for our next offensive are listed as "It's gonna be fine. Everything will be fine."
@Nomad: Eccentric, wacky, dangerously incompetent, yeah somewhere in that range.
@C0Mmander: Talon/Brinton ship names? Brinlon or Talton?
@hedwerx: Thought of the Day: Prayer cleanses the soul, but pain cleanses the body
Countown to Adepticon!
Holt: also good at stabbing things. What can't he do?

This is Richard writing the author post today. I was not involved in the original campaign, but I manage our FB page and do a bit of dialogue editing and bombard our illustrious illustrator with ideas about the comic that make her life much more difficult.

We have a lot of awesome updates coming down the pipe! Later this week, we'll post something hobby related, and we're counting down to Adepticon. I will be there with Kaiser, so if you're around, stop by and say hi! We've got a couple ideas on stuff to do with folks who come visit us at the booth, but if you have anything you'd like to see, drop a suggestion in the comments.
Page 23 is up!
Hello folks! Introducing Thunderwolf Casual, aka Richard. I'm a recent addition to the EO team, as a Dialogue Editor and general idea guy. I play an essential role in the comic: I come up with ideas that create much, much more work for our wonderful illustrator. I'm like a labor generating machine! The munitorum would be so proud!

I've been roleplaying and playing Warhammer 40k since I was 12, and never stopped. I'm currently homebrewing a Space Marine rpg and finishing painting my Space Wolf army, an Imperial Knight, and a Deathwatch Kill Team. I venerate the Immortal Emperor, and you should too!

My goals for the comic: help you, our lovely audience, love Talon, Holt and the rest of the crew as much as I do, before they all die on pg. 30. Oh, wait, shit, spoilers...