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Aww poor Cutter. I wouldn't swoon for him but would he settle for me calling "Foul!" on Kaven? And was Kaven afraid of Dan as well?
Well do you remember your old reference sheet from your dead account? Bring those back and maybe I'll consider it.
Must resist urge to do fanart of Tobias and Prancer! I owe too many art trades already... TT^TT They share a bedroom and he's not used to it? Silly Tobias.
Steam bath while making his tail go away just like his wings?
1 - 4 is basement. For the losers! Lucky Kaven is next to Chyo but poor Charcoal's on the bottom. Maybe they can play secret morse code messages by tapping on the ceiling/floor.
What's this? Charcoal be kissing a huge poster of Chyo?!
AHHH!!! YOU SHOULD MAKE A COMIC WITH ONLY PRANCER AND TOBIAS! THEY WILL BRING IN FANS BY THEMSELVES! Dude, Tobias is totally playing matchmaker whether he knows it or not. Awesome little bro.
Aww... where's all the other character profiles? I just wanna see chibi art.
Man, the dude got talkative pretty fast, am I right? Guess Charcoal's another great subject for him.
Oh hells no Kaven. You were still a fossil waiting to be revived when your useless comrades were helping Chyo in her travels!
Lol at the not-actually-loling.
Cause Chyo be trying to hook you two u~p! *Gets shot*
Cardboard Kaven is cute. Trouble with pokehuman is that you just can't feed them pokeblocks anymore. They got bigger stomachs.
Most would be racist though. They'd be "POKEMON AND HUMAN SHOULD NOT BE TOGETHER LIKE THAT!" Aw... Charcoal. Ya almost got it out.
Flying pokemon humans? Have they learned to be potty trained? It would suck to be hit by bigger shit. Charcoal so cute here.
It would suck if you had an egg pokemon tucked inside your jacket for warmth. SHOOM! WAH! "What? I ain't ready to be a dad yet!" Or worse, a full grown adult is now sharing your jacket... but that could be good for some people.
Pikachu: (I done said, "LITTLE TIMMY BE STUCK DOWN DA WELL!") XD And the eye thing is for privacy. Woo censor bars! Little girl does not want people to know who changed their cute Chansey into an overweight woman.
Who's that pokemon?! It's Butterfree, Kakuna? Stantler, Sentret? Furret and (Darn you newer gen pokemon) Starly?
Liiku can't be "Things". She's an individual. Steven's saying, "OMG DAMION! LOOK! BEWBS!" "Jezz It's hot..." XD And may I ask why the wonderful coloring could not have sprouted from Mora's/my hands? Hmmmmm?
Hey, I thought these were suppose to be just the basic colors? Nice job though, and hey... I like the hoodie. Nah, it ain't Takahashi, just some emo girl with long-hair. XP