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Oliver D. Fien
"Will you really stay?" Is heard from a hard, scratchy tongue that resembles that of Sand Paper, it is surrounded by soft, pillowy, Cornsilk colored fur that weaves the hot, slimy container of the tongue.
Above the heated holding unit are two petit nostrils and glistening, exaggerated eyes lined with that of a black marker.
Two beady eyes focused deep into your heart, an innocent expression painted a crossed the front of the anatomically incorrect mammal.. Horns erected at the top of the fleece-like ears that fell faced to the ground..
The soft lobes rested against a crumpled shirt that once held two ambitiously large scaled chest compliments eroding from the height of the fluffy, white body.. nipples piercing the attention of the average being's focal point, a delicious figure.
Down from the lucious body markers is a belly with stretched signs of long nights containing love and passion, the helment for where it all happened, the slot of the beautiful phonomenan that is reproduction.. held up by two thick, meaty legs that brought this animal up to the viewing pleasure of any being that can do the same...
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    Oliver D. Fien
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Aw man, you guys aren't openly accepting authors anymore? What's the fun in that?

...Don't tell me you take this seriously.
Broblade12 here.
It's alright, me & some other guys actually love you because you bring us funny memories haha.
If you wanna talk any time we totally could, I have a discord and stuff.
This comic is gay, they should go visit the much cooler and sexier comic: Sonic Passion 3
>scream really loud lol
>insert Genie into ass (or any type of storage area), just in case.
>actually do something now jeez oh wheez
>Who cares about names? it is just another label.
His name?
>Big Faggo The Third III
this is significantly better than Sonic Passion 1 & 2