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I study Game Development. I used to work on a web comic, but life (school) and the fact that I spent every free moment playing games or reading 40-some odd different webcomics at a time, got in the way. I like: Family, video games, anime, webcomics, manga, novels, board games, fanfiction, speaking oddly... and way too many other things to fit here. I dislike few things, first of which that comes to mind is those who hurt others for no good reason. Beyond these facts, I tend to be quite inconsistent.

I'm signing up here to have a consistent handle (I have, like dozens elsewhere, sometimes several per site) and to pressure myself into writing again. ...This is probably way too long.
@BattleStarX My thoughts exactly!

Also... where the heck are the employees!?
Well, that was a lot more thought out than I thought. I still think Kinesis would've benefitted more from not initiating this confrontation, but I appreciate his thought process. I look forward to what comes next.
Don't do it Kinny! Play nice! Evil later.
Oh man.. I am looking forward to this!

Also, love the suit, totally my style, colour wise!
It's been awhile...
Fff-psha~aw... Ye gods, it's been a long time since I was last here. Almost 2 and a half years (I was still frequently using the name Ninju back then). It's good to see this story kept on going. It was definitely on of my favourites, and one of the first where I actually dropped comments, scant though they may've been.

I still kick myself for dropping from sight back then, after asking so many questions about Trainer/Team/Fakemon applications, since it was a chance to contribute something of me to this fantastic work. But, well, you know what people say about bad places.

Anyway, I just want to say, it was definitely worth it coming back, every bit (and more!) as good as I recalled. I look forward to so much more, and both love where this is going, and where it has been.
Hmm... sound like Kevin's about to get a crash course in some pretty important stuff.
@NtKGar: My skills with programming aren't fantastic (despite taking a great many programming related classe), and it's been a while since I last applied them. However, if no one else offers, I am more than willing to take a crack at it. The opportunity to help someone I admire is not something I'd turn down. I've not used the Comicpress version of Wordpress before, but I have used Wordpress to host a comic before, and am willing to learn/research, to find the differences.
And judging by the outfit, it'd also appear Universe "Man" is a misnomer. Hmm, plot senses tingling.
Thank you for this
Seriously, thank you.

It's not the end I was expecting... hoping for... But it's a lot better than what was the ending. Honestly, I mightn't have been okay back when you wrote him out of the story if you'd done just anything... but anything, be it doing the bit you've mentioned, killing him off or simply having him arrested, would've hurt less.

I've continued to follow your work (albeit a bit sporadically as my own life hit ups and downs), but the off-screen death has always been the one negative point that stuck with me. I knew that you had your reasons, but I'm glad you've come back to this now, because it's helped wipe away that feeling.

One more time, thank you.
Oh well :)
Probably for the best he's alive. Can't wait to see how he reacts, especially since I imagine that's Alice's "I'm sorry". Also look forward to the other plot-points you've laid that would've disappeared (or at least seemed less relevant) had he really died. As for the rest... well there's always fanfiction :)
Loved it!
Heh heh... Loved this Santa! When I first saw the "Judge you!" face creeped me out at first, but now it brings a smile. Love the details little and large, the smoke, the opinions on money, the meaning of presents, his saying Merry Christmas to himselves... brilliant!

Also, glad to hear someone else listens to Minchin (or at least that song).
So cute! I love where I think this is going. Also, that last panel needs to be made into an avatar!
Loving this webcomic so much! I'm glad you stream this, or this beauty'd've languished on my to-read-list. Looking forward to more!
I actually rather liked this page, not necessarily for the content but because it really completes the "Behind the scenes, actors off stage" feel. I must ask, though, can we get the missing parts of the background text. While this arc didn't perfectly fit the Neko the Kitty I know and love, it was nice ( 'cept the death of Jeff =-= *hmph* ) and it's interesting to see what you had planned.
I went on a break the day after page four came up, and imagined a multitude of horrifying situations. This qualifies as one of the better ones that came to mind. So far everything horrible (sad, no bad) you've written has brought for interesting new developments and I look forward to seeing where you'll bring this.

Stanley does seem to be laying it on a little thick though, can't help but feel something else may be on his mind too.

@RazorD9 "clown car full of sunshine and rainbows going down lollipop lane and to the fireworks and puppy factory" Due to the current mood of the comic I couldn't help but imagine this scene you've described going horrifyingly wrong. Heh. Sorry.
@Koren: Man I hope not... I was just thinking things were gonna get even worse for Keno's group, but now I'm worried. Well, what ever Gar choses... I live with it.
Hey Gar, glad to see you're okay... well "okay". Also, glad to hear your new job's working out. Take all the time you need and rest well man. We'll wait as long as it takes.
Not who I was expecting
Not who I expected when I read the title, but it makes me wonder all the more... Is there a likeliness of other "darks" showing up at some point? Also, welcome back! This was a pleasant surprise.
It going to take a little getting used to, but besides the lack of sidebars (though one didn't work, anyway), I think it's quite nice.
Also, super jealous of Tony's house... all mine had were boring old secret passages :).