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I study Game Development. I used to work on a web comic, but life (school) and the fact that I spent every free moment playing games or reading 40-some odd different webcomics at a time, got in the way. I like: Family, video games, anime, webcomics, manga, novels, board games, fanfiction, speaking oddly... and way too many other things to fit here. I dislike few things, first of which that comes to mind is those who hurt others for no good reason. Beyond these facts, I tend to be quite inconsistent.

I'm signing up here to have a consistent handle (I have, like dozens elsewhere, sometimes several per site) and to pressure myself into writing again. ...This is probably way too long.
Darn it Kinesis! You don't tell him know he's in a lose-lose situation! That's how he pulls something off the wall. And I hope to goodness that you searched him before you use him as bait, otherwise you'll find the tables rapidly turned. And that's IF he doesn't just thwap you.
Okay... now that's just impressive.
One month later... The theater hesitantly rolls out a new show featuring "Princess Lola" full of intrigue, kidnapping, and fights against dragons...

People are surprised at the lack of actors in heroic positions. Then Princess Lola raises a sword of her own and saves herself. It's all really heartwarming...

until she poisons her way to throne.
One day... In the distant future... Lasse and January are suddenly indisposed.

"Welp, guess I'm in charge."
"What? Why? Shouldn't we call Lasse?"
"Nope. He said you'd never be in charge, that one time, remember?"
"...You're right."

By the next day the restaurant profited massively. Lasse was surprisingly proud...

Until the health and safety violation fines started pouring in.
Finally, something that I feel is going according to plan... If nothing else, I hope this one part works out for our protagonists.
Ever moment feels like the build up to a big fall. Come on Stanley, Alice...
I can't wait to see the full breadth of their plan... Right now I'm just a fair bit lost, but I'm sure this'll turn into an interesting web of events. Definitely going to comb through the archives for missed hints later :)
@dracone Not sure about that but I imagine having been in other dimensions most of the time fighting crime will help.
...And then it turns out the water is what cursed her... :D
Man, you have a real talent for making characters I know I'll love from the get go. Those facial expressions are beautiful by the way!
This looks like a fun character! I totally missed the eye last page. Well done :)
Though they may be fools... :)
Considering Kinesis' track record, I hope every key combination within a key's distance had the same effect ^^
I see! Thank you for explaining ^^ And sorry if I took your joke too literally. I do that sometimes :) It was fun nonetheless! Thank you! I wish you the best!
WARNING about to get stupidly poetic here :D
@Dan Pyro Hehe, sorry, but if we're going to play the technicality game in this figurative world, you'll have to note I specifically avoided the word "paved". I am myself a lover of language manipulation, and very careful with my wording.

In this case, I would argue that the foundation of the path, or using your own metaphor to my advantage, the shoes that clear it, is good intent. However, much as there are layer after crumbly layer lain upon that foundation, or layers of danger to poke through those shoes, the preconceptions, histories and loses of our "heroes" have ruined the pristine surface that may once have been. And while the unmentioned direction may not be hell, it's certainly not looking nice.

P.S. That's the second She-Wolf reference I've seen this week! I've no clue to what it refers though
Alright, I'm feeling pretty convinced now. This may not be a play, this may be our "heroes"' road of good intentions.
@BattleStarX My thoughts exactly!

Also... where the heck are the employees!?
Well, that was a lot more thought out than I thought. I still think Kinesis would've benefitted more from not initiating this confrontation, but I appreciate his thought process. I look forward to what comes next.
Don't do it Kinny! Play nice! Evil later.
Oh man.. I am looking forward to this!

Also, love the suit, totally my style, colour wise!