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I'm a student at a Middle School (Yes I lied about my age, get over it!!!)and I love anime, manga, music, and anyone who worked on Full Metal Alchemist!!! I like to look up videos on youtube of Travis Willingham and Vic Mignogna at anime cons because I'm obsessed! I want to be a manga-ka one day, but I can't draw for crap (I'm getting better, but I can only draw one oiginal character really good)so I guess I'll just be the writer part~!!! ^^ I'm a good writer~!!! *toot toot* ;)
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WEEEE~!!! WE LOBVES JOO YASSAAAAAAAA~!!! You put this up, like, HOURS ago and you already have GILLIONG how comments~!!! WEEEEE~!!! *kidnaps* If anyone eva wants ta see Yassa again, you must pay da ransom!!! Or else there will never be another update EVA!!!