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They should probably be a bit more worried that it looks like George is getting kidnapped but considering Pewter City's "tours" this is probably pretty common.
eheheheheheh I love the smile I love this page.
I *did* forget he could use magic. I assumed that guy he attacked just had a lot of spit >_>
heh, something extremely entertaining about the kid's face in the last panel.
Pitiful as it is, at least Atty took his swing. That's something to be proud of I'm sure. Probably let out a bit of frustration too.
@Confuzzled: the writing is the right size to sorta fit in the panel well enough to know what it says,but also too small to be an efficient sign in-comic.
oh boy, I can guess what happens here. Also I agree about the eyes. Your art in general is always a pleasure.
The electricity is really just a metaphor for uh... well maybe it's a symbol of... a hyperbolic representation of passion but... no okay yeah that's not really human.
that alt text, which geoff is he talking to?
I guess you could say her aim is
@RazorD9: Is there a Magnemite in your pants, or are you just naturally stunning and attractive?
Dat attention to detail. The secret weapon pokeball is even in the group shot.
Nice Dab from Shock Buddy.
Y'know, it only just occurred to me how strange it is to name lightning, electric moves after "thunder"
That sad look, that dejected "chaaaa"
H0ly you're breaking my heart here
On the bright side, no matter what it'll be a Fair fight.
Hasn't seen a burn that bad since her burnt down
(I'm sorry)
It'd be pretty funny if Fairs actually CAN teleport with people but she never thought to ask him to teleport her out of the hay-prison.
I can't wait till they finally open the door and see an empty room, the gym leader behind them holding the groceries.
@NekoPuppyStar: patreon supporters can read ahead. It's why some comments are from the 9th.