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Wait didnt the gardevoir become "the voice" :O
So... the ralts isnt a criminal mastermind? ;-;
To avoid this he could say any name that pops into his head!
That absol's eye color tho.
@Nashew: What is that?
That aggron is about to get whats coming to him!
Cool characters n_n
What's up with that lopunny's eyes? Creepy.
Uxie is knoledge magic :D
This artwork is unbelievable! I need to catch a stream to watch you draw hahaha
@Nashew: Must have been thier imagination.
Panal three is just great hahaha
The zoroark looked really evil. Definitely a good basis to think he/she did a crime!!!
Opal is just forced into so many delicate social situations one after the other lol
Hahaha shinx is not on board n_n
If the vulpix and ralts are actually the antagonists I will find that hilarious. #FearTheRalts

Though I'm guessing its a misunderstanding.

Or maybe its a misunderstanding and after they are cleared they turn out to actually be evil, just in a different way :O
Yesssss thank you! Absol is such a great pokemon!
Noooooo I caught up ;-;

I want mooooar!