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I'm not the best story teller or artist,but I love doing it anyway. I love BL, GL, and normal classic romance.
I have a very busy schedule so I will not be able to update a lot, but I will try. <3.
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my tumblr: Nea Comix

Imma try to make a come back... keyword: try.
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I think that's cute. He's such a sweetie~
Goodness ^^" these two.. so innocent~
She is beautiful. Shut up you ass!
November 15th, 2017
Puppy!!!! Help the poor fluffy baby!!!!
Dude stop! You got the wrong girl!!!!
well....she/he IS a perv so.... yeah. it don't matter
Lol my bf would do that to me, ik he would =="
.....theyre called balls....or the scrotum... or nuts.... =="
I'm sorry but she's so stupid. If I were in her position of first try to find a way to turn back. Ugh...
hah, I get the joke
I like him a lot. I wish more guys were that nice for real. Most guys who act that nice are doing it for something "more".
I see blushies~ he wants that D~ lol
*watches through fingers, squealing* It's happening!!!!! Eeeeeeeppp!!!!
I have no words for this just... ugh
@yaoi4evandnevayuri: I can feel the "b-dump" in my soul. I agree
I cant blame him for feeling that way. If I was in his position I'd feel creepy. Hell, if I was in his FIANCE'S position I'd feel really creeped out. Just... *shivers uncomfortably* Bleeh...
Ugh I love these dorks!!!!! So cute!!!
0/////////0! Yes!!!! hell yes!!!!!