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I'm not the best story teller or artist,but I love doing it anyway. I love BL, GL, and normal classic romance.
I have a very busy schedule so I will not be able to update a lot, but I will try. <3.
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Imma try to make a come back... keyword: try.
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Uh oh, black screen
June 29th, 2018
Aw.. baby... itll be okay..
Oh fuck no.. what are they gonna make her do..
thats not how you enter a conversation...
Is this what an anxiety attack(if that's what this is) feels like or something?..... holy shit this is a mind fuck..
@Jeny-jen94: I dont have a job and the money I do have is for school, clothes, and food. And I dont have a patreon either so. Meh. I'll survive ^^"
But we wan the bit~...
Noooo... oh... Baby boi...
Nonononono! Sweetie do NOT jump to your death!
Are we absolutely sure Nova ain't Luca's dad? Cuz Luca's mama looks like she wanna fuck him on the spot ^^"
0//// well she looks like someone we know, now don't she?
arent they forgetting someone?
...this is awkward...
....what a pig...
Oh dear... poor Aphrodite...
January 31st, 2018
What kind of father sells his only child away to make peace with their enemy?! Ugh... that poor girl...
Aw no, don't hide sweetie!