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I'm a wannabe webcomic artist that... well, doesn't have a webcomic (yet).

[Dramatic Events is a webcomic done by the group Turquesa - of which I was part of, along with AbyLockhart and two others - back in High School.]
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December 12th, 2011
Hehe, Karen is so adorable. xD
Oh, I'm glad you moved your (absolutely adorable) webcomic to SJ, and that, therefore, I can enjoy a colorful post-apocalyptic story with a crazy main character. (definitely my cup of tea story) xD

So yeah, I thank you!
Wow, this is amazing!
The art, pacing, colors... everything is done so perfectly!
Absolutely stunning work!
Love it so far. :D
I have to mention that I absolutely adore the dialogue in this webcomic! xD
Oh, wow.
I just love the middle panel! It's beautiful! The bookcases and the colors and all the cute details...!! Awesome *___*

While all the panels are pretty good, I also have to point out that the colors in the first panel look great! Maybe it's the contrast between the green and red and yellow (and the grin?)... but... it just looks really good.
Love it!!
And, seriously, please do more pages. They're just so~ pretty to look at! <3
Oh, I just noticed that Violet and Petunia have the same first name~ (don't question my attention span).
If Petunia just happened to be this Violet, it would be pretty fun... and if they only happen to be related, it probably would be fun, too. So yeah, it'll be fun either way. Giggle.

Also, nozmo, I'll be worshiping you from now on. Thank you for sharing your awesome stories! <3
January 22nd, 2011
Haha, love the serious/funny contrast.
Also, absolutely beautiful colors!
January 20th, 2011
1. Yes.
2. The princess.
3. Well... the art style jumps to mind instantly. It's that pretty, hehe. Also, I like the setting/world. And the pacing is also great, not too fast not too slow and all that. Also, the humor. I really have nothing bad to point all because I liked it ALL. True.
4. Haha. Like I said above, I don't find any faults. At all.
5. I think the flat grays are quite nice, actually.
6. Truthfully? To me it was an insider joke and i was an outsider. But I tend to like insider jokes when I know what they're referencing, so yeah.
7.Nope, and I thank you for sharing the wonderful story. <3
January 20th, 2011
Omg, is that what she wanted the book for? Sweet.
Also, those characters are awesome. Pure genius. I mean, I wasn't exactly thinking about their reasons for the running, but that surely wasn't an expected development! xD
And it's presented in such a funny way... I can't help but admire your scripting/paneling. ~
Well, I personally wouldn't mind waiting for full color. But...
I believe horror stories are best fit in black and white. Full color probably would also work, but flat colors? Hmm, not really.
I think you should choose based on what better fits the effect you want.
Is it... a dead body in the closet?
Oh~ *__*
Aw, no more pages~ xD
Maybe I read it through too eagerly?
And so... your character design is so~ cute. It makes me go all girly.
And the colors, pretty.

Instant fav.
January 17th, 2011
Eh? Sweetest lock ever. xD
Very suspicious. Don't trust the girl~
Hehe, seriously? Way to ask exactly the right question.
Monty might be stabbing someone fairly soon.
Haha, she's really silly. I like her. xD
January 16th, 2011
Oh? I sense a political conspiracy here. How fun!
January 16th, 2011
Wow~ This is surely the catchiest first page I have ever seen!
January 16th, 2011
Ah! This page is... marvelous~!
No, seriously. Instant love.
January 10th, 2011
Oh, lol, geezuz. xD;
I just re-read this and it STILL makes me laugh.