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Samuel Hunt (ie "That Goth Kid").
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Thanks a ton! |D
Oh man, some of these comments really make me grin :D
I'm SURE a fairy fairy is completely relevant in every sense of the words.

& Mr.Scary Man's name is coming up in a page or two ;)
I had to delete your comment because the page was ridiculously stretched haha :)

And I'll try to keep it up~

AAAAAAAnd you bring up a good point about the drawings...
Where are Riley's shoes? uhoh.
Keep your pants on
Heres something to ACTUALLY warrant some attention ;P
You guys are silly.
I swear this page was finished days ago XD

Smackjeeves was updating, so no post 'til now ;A;

If the site ever goes down again, just hop over to DA to see if I've updated <3
Izumi kojima: Photoshop CS2 <3

And thanks guys ;A;
Ah~ thanks guys ; ;

&yes, huge SKETCH book 8D
it becomes clearer later XD
Fox_Child: Ah yes~ I'm try to decide whether i should shrink the image and risk losing impact, or widen the layout (which i have no idea how to do in fact! I'll have to fiddle with it XD) &thankyou~!

AnthyRose: He's wearing a fairy costume... because, well, he wants to! XD That just the way he is~ (Hopefully I'll be able to accurately portray that aspect of his personality in the next few pages!)
Thank you very much! (And yes, the title becomes very clear in the next couple pages~)