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Programmer by day, comic artist by night :) I also love watching nice TV shows and play video games.
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Okay, so this story was in the end of the fourth book, but I thought it'd fit nicely after the end of Chapter 3, so here it is! Unfortunately, the text is a tad bit small, but I hope you people with smaller phones can read it anyways :3

Tune in next week when it's time for a longer story again, featuring Swagata and Gav!
So, time for answering all the questions I got from the Q&A session this time 'round! Thanks for asking, everyone!

Next week I'll post another short SPEJS comic before the next chapter starts! Stay tuned and thanks for reading this far :)
Thanks for reading SPEJS this far! I'll take a short break and post some guest comics and art for the next month before I start posting the next story in line :3

This weekend, I'll be tabling at Stockholm's International Comics Festival in Kulturhuset's 3rd floor. I'll be selling SPEJS and hand out withh 100+ other awesome Indie Comic artist from all around Sweden! Please come and say hi if you're in town! :)
This totally adorable comic was made by my frande Adelaide! You can check out her comics here:
Betwixt the lines
Thora the destroyer
Scaredy Cats
This absolutely fab comic was made by my friend Gouta! Check out his tumblr and twitter for more fab gayliens :3
This totally awesome 3D model of Ragna was made by my friend Sara Berntsson, please check out her portfolio for more awesome art!
This awesome guest comic was made by Memokkeen! Please check out her web comic Cockblock Kitties!
Happy Holidays! Here's a small thing I made to celebrate the winter holidays this year. I first made a "Holiday Card" with the SPEJS crew having fun in the snow, and then I wanted to draw some "aftermath"-panels ;) Hope you'll enjoy and will have a great Christmas (or whatever you celebrate...or just an awesome weekend!).
Hey, it's Halloween and I saw a meme going around twitter, making kid versions of your OCs and dress them up for trick-or-treating! Now, the SPEJS crew never hung out as kids, but if they did, they'd probably look like this! I b…
And final round of Q&A comics! This time we'll admire Gav's biceps and do a gender swap :D

I hope you've enjoyed these four weeks of Q&A comics! Next week I'll start posting the next actual chapter, featuring Swagata and Morwen investigating a Pangee hotshot party!
More Q&A times, this time it's all about music! Gav sure knows how to dance, right? ;D Not that Ragna seems to mind though...;)
More Q&A comics, yay! This time we learn all the embarrassing moments Gav and Ragna had in the past. Although I guess Ragna's more tragic? XD Poor girl, she couldn't even cheer Gav up!
So here's the first Q&A story, Ragna and Gav's hobbies are exposed ;) Ragna can't believe vegetarian food made that body of Gav's and on the other hand she's reading stuff..."stuff" ;D
July 11th, 2016
Aww, Swagata knows how to cheer Morwen up!

And this concludes the first chapter! I hope you enjoyed it! :) I'll take a break from posting comic pages for the rest of August, but post some extras, like the Q&A stuff, so I hope you look forward to that! And in September, Swagata and Morwen will party on and kick some butt ;)
July 11th, 2016
Jeez Ragna, you sure seem to enjoy irritating poor Morwen. What has she ever done to you?!? And poor Swagata doesn't know how to handle these two bickering individuals...
July 11th, 2016
And here's the prologue! What do you think of the SPEJS HQ, quite fancy right? ;)
June 12th, 2016
....can you tell Ragna really enjoys the bounty hunting life? Chasing bad guys, dropping bad puns and stuff? Yeah, she really lives for those moments ;)
June 12th, 2016
Ragna's getting her mind blown! Good thing gav is around to pick her up ;)

This weekend I was in Oslo, mostly to tourist a bit with my bf, but also to pay Oslo Comics Expo a visit! It was a cute little convention, a very small market place, but with very friendly exhibitors :) I had my backpack full of comics when I went on the train back to Stockholm, and so far I've enjoyed what I've read! Maybe next year I'll manage to have a table (or at least half a table) there, we'll see!
May 16th, 2016
People, don't try this maneuver at home! Ragna is a highly skilled action hero and knows what she's doing, ok?!?
May 16th, 2016
And here comes the dream team, in their old-school truck ;) let's see what they're made of, eh? :D