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karate, reading web comics, reading books in general, I have a horrible sense of humor, and i make really bad bear with me on that one. also i do read every last webcomic on my list some ive reread a couple of times^_^ i just cant choose so i dont narrow them down and im sorry if i dont comment on some pages if im gonna comment i want it to be a good one not just 'hmmm nice page' lol i love all you rockin smackjeeves webcomicers without i'd be bored all day^_^
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*can't breath from laughing* too perfect of set up seriously
Oh geez this comic always makes my day when I manage to get the time to read it. I like the humor in here cause the jokes are intelligent.. and of course sarcasm is always fun^_^
Woo dry humor.. yay for me.. I never really get the obvious jokes.. but this one was brilliant^_^
nice save!
this is probably his first time actually IN a library:P this page was great^_^
Paris Hilton should be considered and enemy of Man kind in general. But why only ten guitars? Meh.. I don't really have much to add.. Not much into Politics, but yeah I agree with the christmas bit.. I went shopping on Halloween.. There was christams ornaments EVERYWHERE... That's just bad.. though in one sense slightly helpful because if your poor like me it gives you more time to buy the decorations that you need to replace or just want to purchase.. I also think those Creepy inflatable decorations should be ban...
I have a conspiracy:D And I want to share it sense your surpressing yours.. don't you find it a bit odd that in the last few years most celebrity deaths have been because of drug overdoses.. I thought at first maybe they were government agents and then I realized anna nicole smith and micheal jackson would make horrible agents.. sO really I already debunked but I thought I'd share anyway^_^
heee this is awesome:D
oh goodness that made me giggle:D very nice^_^
And it's your fault for even brining drugs to school.. moron
Noo! Yoshi don't look! Though I am happy for Everly.. Poor Yoshi:( Also the poses in the last panel are so ridiculous it's funnyXD Greg's kissing someone half his size haha
freaking love it! the whole effing tire.. I might have cried had that happened to me
I know this is an older comic but is it just me or is Jordan wearing fish nets in the last panel?
the last panel rocks:D And I think I used to own a t-shirt like evans... it said something really similar... I got rid of it though.. Light colors stain very easily>.<
oh good lord you just wanna cuddle him forever!
where would we have to go to buy the book... Cause i'm gonna see if my boyfriend'll buy it for me this story is so great I really like it.
lol.. My boyfriend said he'd dump me if I ever got a Tramp Stamp It took me a few mintues to figure out what he was saying. The conversation was almost along these lines too.:P
wooh plot twist to the max, i just thought he was gonna stay junkie not this i'm gonna fav you^_^
im scared for whats going to happen i want everyone to be happy! oh my the drama i have missed! i got horribly addicted to online fanfictions and i got a little carried away with reading them....but i digress...I love how the stories going but the hopeless romantic in my wants everyone to be so happy they burst...yeah and i loved steve in the grocery store btw nice ending panel...
SWEET! you updated and made my day much better thank you! i love that last panel:P