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@The Crimson Bear: Aetta: You think I didn't already beat Drax to a bloody mess for this? I don't need someone who can't edge highlight white knighting for me.
@Dead Guardman: Aetta: I will neither confirm nor deny this statement, nor the fact that I was wearing pigtails.
@Metal C0Mmander: Not in the slightest. Hobbs is just very affectionate.
@Bobert: Hobbs will love you too... Whether you want it or not.
Alt Alt Text(s)
It can be a little tricky, when Kaiser lets us know that the post is getting ready to go up and we need some alt text. Usually the call goes out "gonna need some alt text!" in the group, and the writers all get scrambling to be clever and witty. Sometimes we fail hard.

Then sometimes, we're all on point and it's too hard to choose which one will make the cut. Some of this week's choice selection that didn't make it:

- Nuke the entire site from orbit, it's the only way to be sure.
- I was covered in blue stuff. The walls were covered in blue stuff.
- Inflammable means flammable?
- When I said burn a disk, that's not what I meant!

(Well okay, we thought they were funny!)
@raytoons: The art is all Nico's, and it's absolutely amazing I agree :)

For the writing, I'd be happy to write with Kaiser and Richard again, or indeed with any other artist who'd be interested in collaborating.
It was so amazing to get a chance to work with you all on writing this, and I absolutely love how it came out. Thanks for the opportunity guys!
Ma'am, I'd ask to see your credentials...
I love Talon's eyeline just completely skimming over the top of Holt's head.

Aetta: Hey, hey buddy. It's okay. I mean, you're not wrong. It's still Cain's signature after all, they made the prints based of his actual autograph...

Want a glass of milk and some cookies?

Aetta: ... Well that is Cain's signature, but I'm pretty sure it's a print one of the "Cain Cadet Signature Stamps" that they gave out with the limited edition Holovid collection...
@peachpunk: I know I said it before, but thanks again for the shout-out love <3
@Metal C0Mmander: I figured it might have been this on his mind
@peachpunk: Aetta: /winks at Perray/ Anytime, sugarlips.
@peachpunk: Aetta: It's nice to know that Cadian girls are amazed by such small miracles.
@peachpunk: Aetta: Very possibly scavenged off the floor of the company barber and held on with modelling glue... or chewing gum.
@Guest: When they start making money off of it is when Games Workshop and their friendly lawyers will be more likely to step in with the smackdown.
Adeptus Mecha-nope-us
I still love Talon's nopeface in this comic. Just not even going to even.
Second hand sex toys of unknown provenance - that's the best part about that whole thing.