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I'm a Recipromantic gray-asexual. I'm very apathetic when it comes to emotions. I've got an ESTJ-A personality.

I served over 9 years as a U.S. Marine, I got medically retired for debilitating nerve damage. I'm no longer physically active; now I enjoy reading and playing video games.
I'm currently working to become an Aerospace Photonics Engineer.

I love cheesecake, hot chocolate, and funny memes :)
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Lol that's so true! Every pair of "girl" pants have pockets that are only like 3-4 inches and that's only if they have pockets to begin with. My friends complain about it all the time, though one of my friends has pockets in her dresses that could fit a whole phone easily without showing... I just claim that mystery to magic.
@Hachikou: I can confirm there's both sex repulsed and sex positive aces and you've got the basics right... there's also negative (similar to repulsed except they may still have sex for specific reasons and only when they feel safe) and neutral (they don't care for it but will often to appease a partner willingly)... and plenty others but those are the basic groups.
Basically if you're dating an ace and they're any but repulsed you should talk about it especially if it's important to you, you need to understand their boundaries. Proper Communication will also prevent emotional distress when the subject arises and can strengthen your relationship.
@Corrin: LOL tell me about it :D ... you never really consider it until it happens and leaves you confused for years. At least now I know and can put it to words :)
I find most people have a hard time with that question...
Try being a Recipromantic ace, the basic answer is: find out they're attracted to me... suddenly it's like your brain goes from romantic apathy to receptiveness and confuses the hell out of you until years later when you finally dig on Google and find out there's actually other people like you...
Sorry now I'm ranting -_-;;
Ace Dilemma
You don't want to hurt them but you also foresee where everything is leading...

One of the largest problems being ace is if your partner isn't ace you simply can't return the desire for sex with them... even if you're neutral or positive it's not the same connection.

Side note: this may not be his issue in the story, but still one to consider especially if you ever plan to date an ace, they're always think about lacking that connection.
I love Chanel so much!
@Fairportfan: No plan survives contact with the enemy.
@CatPerson: That's only if Rain asks brother Arthur for help (they may not need to)...
As for aunt Fara, it's tough to say. Being it's just a Prom Fara may try to dissuade her but I think she'll still go along with her idea.
I just wanted to say that one of my crazy guesses were finally right :D
Now to hope no cogs get stuck and all goes smooth *nervously chews on finger nails*
"I mean, we (should) all know Rain wouldn't dress as a boy again, so what's she got up her sleeve?" -author notes
@c: perfect, thank you for posting what page it was.
Yea that's what my guess is based off... I was too tired to read through to confirm.

Further speculation she may even get brother Arthur to help out with the tickets being he's offered to help however he can within limits. Lots of pondering going on here :D
While I've been drastically wrong in the past, I'm still going to make a guess...
My guess is on paper she's still registered as a guy to the school and no one's really caught it aside from Brother Arthur, her aunt, and of course Rain. IF I'm right about that (time to re-read to see how wrong I am lol); she'll have no issues buying herself and Chanel prom tickets.
Congrats on 2 years!
April 28th, 2017
"Fine but you're paying, and I won't enjoy it! ... also it better be quality steak! I still won't enjoy it!" Would be an appropriate reply ;)
Yay personal stuff
I don't think I'll be able to help satisfy your curiosity as I'm asexual / emotionally apathetic...

I've literally never had a crush, and can't understand why people get so "thirsty"
Hmmm... last time I had intercourse was in 2013, I think August lol.

If you got any direct questions for the weird ace guy feel free to ask lol
@00Stevo: congrats on 200!
Sad tears
No Chanel???
Just found this comic and read it all... really love it :)
That's a lot harder (or easier) than you would think... like I have a general apathy when it comes to intercourse but others get stressed and even have anxiety attacks at the thought of it.
Everyone is different even aces, you'll never know until you ask... though you want to at least be good friends before considering such personal questions ;)

Enjoying your comic!
Agreed, I'm pretty sure this actually goes right after page 11.