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hi im a big mario fan also im melonmanch xd
plz sub to my utube channel :)
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i like to draw too! anyways i have a youtube channel its dead tho i mean no subs please sub to it! rely helpful!
some cursing but cool!
green kirby with red feet
fan charecter style
You Spelled strength wrong. bummer
join kirby kollab
dude can u join my comic kirby kollab plz i need help with it so plz join k also if u want pokemon ill add it just send them and my comic is sprite comic
shame i cant join
hey lazerbeam can i have a clear reason of why i cant join the house of craziness
i was planing to join so bad please tell me the reason why i cant join
gosh lay off the crusing
i give credit to assainperson
hey dude eh sorry your e not in mabye cause you didnt give me a sprite sheet so heres some credit
planning of joining your comic
hey can i join your comic rely cool :)
Ahhh im melonmanch xd THX FOR CREIT :D
@SuperScratchkat: that kirby is one of a kind!
@nswkirby: can you make me a green kirby with a blue cap wheel kirby
plus fighter kirby