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Skywardblade is a graphic artist that specializes in cartoons (comics), and traditional media artist. Find me on DA at I will occasionally post some other art there and comic extras. I am currently in the limbo between highschool and college so there may be delays in my comic posting, not to mention life duties.
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Jesus, looks like my room
This is the ultimate life form
"Challenge of Elders welcomes you! Impress your Warden yyyyeeesssss?" - Varik's Warden
If you read the alt text, I actually meant read the news section...
@Silver the Eevee: I was just wanting her to stop the role play
@jayseesall: sure beats redbull
@AShinyFemaleEevee: plz no dude, just stop
God I need to resize this shit
Ngga you just bled all over dis' floor, now imma have to kill ya
Oh and PS I should have a posting scheduled for fridays. At the moment I'm getting into the swing of things.
It works
Continue on your day~

Oh and make sure to stay tuned later these next few days. Who knows there might be a page
Uh, yeah this could be considered a teaser.
But it isnt, I'm actually testing out the page size to see if it looks right... uh as of typing this I havent seen it. Might remove it idk.
As it turns out, mytew is the son of Lord vader
Journey START!
And The Last Days are under way! This will be a good learning experience for me, as many of you know if you had been a fan before the many changes to this comic. So, let's begin.
Awesome so far, I love the art. It's very unique and you don't see this style too often. Keep it up!~
Well it's probably a safe assumption that hoopa will play a part in saving the pmd universe, and on the topic of how the hell hoopa can open a door way between dimensions is due to the properties of his rings. They can be sent anywhere, including other dimensions and bridge a gap between them. As bad as his movie is it does accurately explain some of the abilities that he possess. Not to mention there are several other connections to that universe theoretically, if we count the reverse dimension, time, space, and arceus's dimension too. Again all proven to exist in the pokemon universe. But I wouldn't say that would prevent the pmd verse's destruction, because the parent connection was severed and the hole thing... my point is, maybe there is more than one way out of this.
@NovaDerp: when did all that happen, what am I missing here?