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October 20th, 2007
I adore his eyes! Want those eyes! Eek, no, wait, let me rephrase that 'I want SUCH eyes.' *phew*
Wait! is that an extremely HUGE microscope in the second panel?
*sigh* men and their toys.
I love the most left sperm with the huge eyes. (*-*)
Honour thy sperm??? What's her religion? I want to join!
you're so poetic!
and this little ribbon is just adorable
OMFG! read the first comic and need to fave it already. This is pure gold!
Aren't monkeys dexterous with their tails? Couldn't he take the blade and...wait, what should he cut? His hair - maybe?
And on second thought... now that he can't cut, does he 'feel' by rubbing his face against things? *confuzzled*
you get really inventive! This is one of my favourites so far
Ahahahaha Faye's a bit like me. I get loud when I'm all excited. and screech a lot. I hate it.
I like it that she's so confused when he says 'okay' so easily. (^_^)
Oh, your life's a bitch as well?
I love the second panel. It's sooooo cute. And it's nice that he can enjoy even the small things in life, like weather. *lol*
I agree with XxHanIxX. It's not messy. A bit harder to read than typed on computer, but I had no problem with it. And I think it matches with your drawings.
Okay, he ahs no arms - again! But he has fancy glasses!!! Uhum!
October 8th, 2007
I looooove the second panel! dunno why. Oh and this page is even meaner than the one before *sniff* You didn't even end the word. YOu can end it in thousand different ways.
(is 'meaner' even a word? You know, the degree of the adjective 'mean' *lol*)
Okay, I want to get portrayed by him as well. Where do I need to sign?
I love your style. *sigh*want such talent as well *sigh*
Silent Minority??? Ever seen one in real life?
BTW, 'silent' is the cue. Is he also mute? Never makes a sound.
October 4th, 2007
Whaaaa? You can't leave it like that! *wipes tears away* I need an update!
October 4th, 2007
OMFG I want such cute crocodile as pet!!! NOW!