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Uh, your yandere is showing, Syrin.
Back to the time when he could still smile from the bottom of his heart
Is it a good idea? or....
what's with the sudden pause, dude?
All his pent up frustrations and loneliness through all these years broke down like a dam.
@inubasket: I hope he's pretty close to healing then :(
@summerstorm: The foul-mouthed prince xD
@summerstorm: I've always been in denial that Neo is a tsundere... but, damn xD He really is! hahaha
Aaawwww... Syrin, you made him cry ><
I made a mistake LOL
i just pulled a 'Nozaki' move :p
@inubasket: Hold onto dem tears. The worst is yet to come xD
Neo talks a lot in this chapter :(
It's like he's blabbing to hide something T_T

Syrin, don't you know it's rude to interrupt someone while they're talking? Get your damn hands out of his face LOL
A smiling Neo can never be good hahaha xD
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I present to you some sad shit :(
I got lazy drawing the background halfway hahaha xD

I tried to make Neo's smile heartbreaking since he rarely smiles.

Hope the gesture got through.
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Ah, all I can say is, Asgard is attached to Neo because he was there for him when he literally have no one else by his side.

The Dreamcaster siblings had a falling out before but they're good nonetheless.

(These topics will be tackled on the latter part of the series)

Oh! hahaha, I haven't thought about their favorite foods ^^;;
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